Mike Scaccia is remembered in this image posted on Bruce Corbitt's Facebook page.

Mike Scaccia died doing what he loved.

The Arlingtonian shredder suffered a fatal heart attack at the age of 47 last Saturday at The Rail, where he was performing with his band Rigor Mortis, a groundbreaking thrash outfit whose lead singer, Bruce Corbitt, was celebrating his 50th birthday.

Though I never met Scaccia, who also played with big-timers Ministry and helped establish Fort Worth as a metal town back in the ’80s, I interviewed him by phone back in February while writing a story on the history of Fort Worth’s metal scene (“Still Riveting,” Feb. 29). I was inspired by a guy who was living the proverbial dream, blasting solos in kickass, popular bands while most men his age begin eagerly eyeing early retirement. His death may have been sudden and untimely, but it came while he was in the midst of doing what he was undoubtedly born to do, surrounded by friends and fans.

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Scaccia is survived by his wife Jenny Rowen Scaccia, their two children –– Gianna and Ryder –– and his older daughters, Sarah and Taarna.

Corbitt is working on putting together a benefit show and also starting an online fundraiser for Scaccia’s wife and children.