(flickr photo by Keith Allison)

The Washington Redskins — a team us Cowboys fans love to hate — might finally be considering a name change. Why? Money, of course.

The team wants a new stadium in Washington D.C., but they mayor doesn’t like the team’s mascot name. ‘Skins owner Daniel Snyder might shoot for some taxpayer assistance ala Jerry Jones in Arlington. Having a racist epithet for a team name makes it tougher to get free money.

The Redskins should have changed their name long ago. A stereotype that was accepted in the 1930s should no longer be tolerated today.


Some Native Americans like the name and say “redskin” symbolizes courage and perseverance. Others are offended. Why wouldn’t they be? Would you rather the Cowboys be called the Blackskins, Brownskins, Whiteskins, or Yellowskins?

Let’s play a word association game. I’ll name an ethnicity, and you come up with the first and worst slur you can think of.

African American (yes, we all thought the same word).

Jew (probably starts with a “k”).

Hispanic (not a clear “winner” here since there are so many slurs for this ethnicity).

Native Americans (I can think of two — redskin and Injun).

I rest my case.