There’s nothing more fun than a political demonstration organized to protest a non-existent injustice, especially if it provides an excuse to show off your bad-ass stockpile in public. Some Fort Worth gun enthusiasts, fearing that Pres. Obama is right now prepping federal agents to raid their closets, have organized an Open Carry Gun Walk set for 4-7pm tomorrow (Thu Jan 31). It’ll begin in the parking lot behind Cadillac Bar at W Exchange Ave and Ellis Ave in the Stockyards. Owners of “rifles, shotguns, and assault-style rifles” are asked to bring and display their endangered arms

There are a few rules, though: Your gun has to be legal and unloaded. And you have to be sober and not a felon. So bring all the proper paperwork, including your “I’m a sober non-felon” i.d., because it sounds like the check-in will be, like, totally rigorous and professional. Bang bang, baby!

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  1. This has nothing to do with the president. We simply would like to carry guns openly. Texas is currently a concealed carry only state. Good try though.

  2. All… and I hope that someone reads this and posts it elsewhere……

    Lets try this again. Lets try to get more people involved and have a real showing. Had more of us known about this well in advance, we could have significantly increased participation.

    Im not talking about a dozen people in t-shirts (please dont get me wrong – this is a great start!), but how significant of an inpact would this have if a hundred, or hundreds of people showed up, maybe more, Lawayers, Teachers, Police, Military, Business men and women in suites and ties – This represents the REAL populace who support our Second Amandment Rights.

    Lets try this again – get the word out – and make this happen. We need more lead time and time to spread he word.

  3. As if it weren’t bad enough being forced to watch this beautiful state poisoned by white Republican business whores, we have to listen to these pathetic gunhuggers whining incessantly about their obvious misinterpretation of our Second Amendment.

    And the most hilarious irony embedded in their ignorant nonsense is the contention of these pistol-lickers that they are Christians. Oh yeah, the sweet baby Jesus just loved him some semi-automatic weapons. Right.