And we were just starting to become good friends.

The impending demise of The Gold Standard might come much sooner than anticipated.

Tomorrow (Friday), said Gold Standard co-owner Jimmy Moore, Addison-based Front Burner Restaurants will close on the freestanding structure at 2700 W. 7th St., a rooftop-patio-covered shotgun shack of entertainment real estate near the heart of all of action in the West 7th corridor.


Moore does not know how much Front Burner paid for the property, but its asking price was $1,750,000.

Front Burner, which has been angling to buy the property for months now, also owns several other North Texas establishments, including Ojos Locos (downtown), The Ranch at Los Colinas (Irving), Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar (Plano), Red Dog Right (Southlake), Twin Peaks (multiple locations), and Velvet Taco (Dallas), the concept long rumored to replace The Gold Standard (“Velvet Taco Taking Over Gold Standard,” Dec. 11, 2012).

The Gold Standard’s future was always touch and go –– when co-owner Brad Hensarling (The Usual, The Chat Room Pub) took over the space last year, he knew he had until this October, when his lease would expire. With the closing tomorrow, Moore said, “Front Burner will become our new landlords … unless we agree to some form of early termination.”

Moore said that near the end of October he and Hensarling will begin looking to relocate, “hopefully somewhere in the West 7th Street corridor,” Moore said.


  1. Yippee, another Dallas chain opening a Western location in W7! Seriously, what’s the point in living here if we have nothing but Dallas “concepts” to choose from?

  2. I wish we could have a one-of-a-kind Fort Worth loving place that locals love & tourists put on their ‘must visit’ list. Something to call our own.