Fort Worth post-rockers Constant Seas play Lola's on Saturday.
Fort Worth post-rockers Constant Seas play Lola's on Saturday.

The good thing about Saturday’s show at Lola’s Saloon (2736 W. 6th St., 817-877-0666) is that it will be wonky but not masturbatory. The four bands slated to play –– Fort Worth’s KatsüK Fou (featuring members of Madras), Igneous Grimm, Cleanup, and Constant Seas –– feature some of the toughest musos in town. They aren’t afraid to flex their musical muscle but will never torpedo a song with selfish playing –– every note is crafted in the service of the tuneage. Easily the most under-the-radar band on the bill is Constant Seas, a four-year-old post-rock project with a new rhythm section: drummer Mark Garza (Famine, Embodyment) and bassist Joel Bailey (Sixpence None the Richer, Choris Romance). The Seas don’t get out much and have put out only one album, the spellbinding Cycles (“Killer or Filler?” Aug. 17, 2011), but the quintet plans to do some recording this summer. “Our immediate and long-term goals are the same,” guitarist Daniel Elizondo said. “Create an epic live show, with music that reaches people on multiple levels.” Cover charge Saturday is $8-12.


Midway to Oblivion


Apparently, college kids these days are into partying. Crazy, I know. I just thought they sat around the library all day, quoting Proust, sharing algorithms, and just generally readying themselves for adulthood. There are party-tastic bands in town, sure, but there seems to be only one band –– a rap duo, specifically –– poised to take advantage of late-night revelers with fake IDs, part-time jobs, and horrible transportation. As Midway, TCU students Kev Nolan and Lou Charle$ create rap that’s danceable, melodic, and appropriately brainless but never out-and-out dumb –– Charle$’ rhymes, especially, are witty and dynamic. Midway has released only three songs, including “Speed of Light,” a party anthem about living in the moment, and is working on an EP to be released later this year. Check out the video for “Speed of Light’ on YouTube by Key Black Film. Lots of quality studying going on.

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