In this week’s episode of Modern Political Discourse…

Twitter has often been described as a rope by which pubic figures routinely hang themselves. Barry Smitherman, chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission, took that statement a little too literally. He tweeted a picture of a noose with the word “treason”, along with the names of Republican U.S. senators.

Yesterday, the U.S. Senate voted to consider gun safety regulations, which includes expanding background checks to anyone buying a weapon at a gun show. Earlier today, Smitherman served up a delicious plate of red meat when he made this provocative post:


About an hour ago, he apologized for the tweet:

So there you have it. A few Republicans want to engage in a civilized (ha!) conversation about gun control, and Smitherman wants to see them (politically) hanging from a tree. Until he didn’t. Of course if Democrats get their way, we’ll have background checks for buying rope now.

Rick Perry is believed to have locked himself and his advisors  in the governor’s mansion until they can come up with something even more asinine and crazy.





  1. To be precise, the now infamous Tweet from Chairman Smitherman was made yesterday (April 11, 2013). It picked up momentum early yesterday afternoon and continued today. Chairman Smitherman apologized today at 3:00 PM according to the story printed online on The Texas Tribune.