If you thought the only thing those lazy, entitled millenials dreamed about was getting famous on YouTube, think again: Many of them would also like to live in a world where genetically altered food was, at the very least, clearly labeled so consumers would know what they were buying. Granting immunity from federal prosecution to multi-national corporations who make GMOs (genetically modified organisms) is something they’re not thrilled about, either.

Expect a large turnout by the 18-29 year-old set (and other concerned folks) at the March Against Monsanto, a grassroots rally and protest march starting 1pm tomorrow (Sat May 25) at General Worth Square, 900 Main St, FW. The Fort Worth march coincides with protest events planned all over the country to highlight the so-called Monsanto Protection Act, a rider quietly attached to a recent Senate appropriations bill. Signed into law in March by Pres. Obama, the provision shields the Missouri-based ag biotech company Monsanto from legal action even if one of their genetically altered crops is found to be dangerous to public health or the environment. It’s one of those un-sexy issues that has potentially huge ramifications for consumers, so educate yourself and get involved.


  1. So we can make laws to exempt companies from being held accountable for their actions? What a country! Where do I sign up so I too may be beyond the reach of the law? Perhaps they can tack it onto the next bill they sign? Who would know or care if they did?