While the cheerleaders of Kountze High School in southeast Texas may believe God is on their side, it seems Kountze ISD isn’t: District officials announced this week they would appeal a state court judgment that said signs with Bible quotes at school football games were a-ok under the U.S. Constitution.

It should be noted that the Kountze cheerleaders and their parents are getting legal representation from the Plano-based Liberty Institute, a right-wing Christian organization that’s less interested in free speech rights per se than in returning the practice of specifically Christian prayer to public school campuses during school hours. They have an agenda that’s much larger than signs at football games.

But Liberty is insisting this is a First Amendment issue for them, so here’s my fantasy: That in the name of free speech, some smart-ass but very brave student at Kountze starts appearing at football games this fall with large banners proudly proclaiming Islamic approval of the event. It would be great if the kid was an actual Muslim (does the town have any Muslim residents? I dunno), but not necessary to make the point.


“Allah. There is no god but he, the living, the self-subsisting, the eternal!” (Koran 2:25) would surely inspire any red-blooded Texas high school team to victory. And Koranic quotes could be customized: “What Allah out of his mercy doth bestow on mankind none can withhold. (Koran 35:2) And he’s about to bestow a serious butt-whupping in the name of the Kountze Lions!” would look great under those blazing Friday night lights.

If Liberty Institute wants to protect religious liberty, surely they won’t mind if Allah tags along at Kountze High games. Right?