What would make an awesome ending to this barbecue feast at Baker’s? An apricot fried pie. Vishal Malhotra
What would make an awesome ending to this barbecue feast at Baker’s? An apricot fried pie. Vishal Malhotra

Some food pairings were just meant to be: steak and potatoes, fish and chips, burgers and fries. In Weatherford, Baker’s Ribs has come up with a food combination that’s as unique as it is distinctly Texan: mouthwatering barbecue and scrumptious fried pies.

The Baker’s experience begins before you even step foot in the place. The sharp, distinctive aroma of hickory smoke extends to the parking lot.

Inside, the line to order winds past a glorious ice bath of bottled beer and beneath the expansive menu. Pretty much anything you can think of, from chopped beef to sloppy joes and hot sausage, is on offer at Baker’s.


And, yes, there are ribs.

The ribs plate comes with five succulent porksicles plus two sides and a slice of Texas toast. Barbecue purists will be delighted to know that the plate is completely bereft of sauce. Coating the tender, juicy, and often oily ribs was a hickory smoke-created crust tinged with the subtle sweetness of brown sugar. The ribs were fall-off-the-bone tender.

The pinto beans were fresh and fine. No mush here. And they had just the right amount of kick, courtesy of a generous dose of chile powder.

The slaw was a welcome refresher in between handfuls of smoky ribs and beans. The thick slices of fresh cabbage and carrots blended well with the light and tangy dressing.

Barbecue is only half the story at Baker’s. The place also specializes in fried pies, making them fresh every morning.

There are your traditional flavors –– cherry, blackberry, peach –– and also some nontraditional ones, including pepperoni and brisket.

As it turns out, a fried pie makes an awesome ending to an awesome barbecue meal. The store favorite is the apricot, and for good reason. The crescent-shaped pie had a thick crust with a flavor reminiscent of funnel cake. A heap of apricot chunks in syrup poured out with the first slice. The only disappointment was that by dinnertime the pies had grown cold –– Baker’s should look into offering to heat up these bad boys for customers who don’t have the great good fortune of arriving at the crack of dawn.

Baker’s Ribs and the Original Fried Pie Shop is a winner from top to bottom. The service was quick and polite, and the food was exceptional.



Baker’s Ribs and the Original Fried Pie Shop

921 S Main St, Weatherford. 817-599-4229. 7am-9pm daily. All major credit cards accepted.

Ribs plate ……………… $11.75

Apricot fried pie ………. $3.25