On her blog, school board trustee Ann Sutherland posted a link to a spreadsheet listing 111 raises given to Fort Worth school district central office employees. She did not list any employees’ names, but did include their numbers.

Raises for certain high ranking positions must have board approval. On the spreadsheet, she highlighted 14 pay raises that district officials claim were approved by the board, but only eight of those 14 were actually approved, according to her notes.

She listed an additional 10 raises, three of which were for the district’s deputy superintendents and one for its HCM Manager, that were not approved by the board either.


“As I indicated in an earlier post, Dansby has just awarded these four individuals (and six others) major raises again–asserting, without proof, that the board was notified,” she said on her blog.

She has also asked for a board vote on approving or undoing the raises to be put on next Tuesday’s board meeting agenda.




  1. Thanks Ann and the Weekly for the info but now what? If, as apparently he has, Dansby has violated District policy, nail his sorry butt to the barn door. Revoke those raises that were not approved amd let’s move on.

  2. I have asked that the raises be placed on the July 23 agenda for discussion and approval. I requested they be placed on the May 28 agenda, but despite President Judy Needham’s approval the approval of the raises was not on the agenda and no one contacted me as required by board policy.) (I sent a follow-up email on May 23 asking for emergency addition of the item, as provided by law and board policy, but it was also ignored.)

    We will see whether the item appears on the agenda as required by board policy this time, and how board members vote on it.

  3. Not so fast….there is more. Did you know Dansby is also dismantling the Fine Arts Department? About the only educational part of FWISD that is successful! So Board, Ann is presenting all of this info. What are you going to do about this? Seems oddly familiar doesn’t it? Ah yes. The Tocco Days.

  4. Dismanting Fine Arts – giving OLC to ROTC – what a waste of a great experience for ALL students in FWISD. This District is not about students – it is about a bunch of adults trying to fill their pockets and make themselves feel powerful AND it is working! There is no way in hell my children would be in this District.

    Don’t know what MJ did to piss everybody off but I do know that academics and students were important during her reign (they are all royalty, you know). She, like all of them, was lining pockets and had favorites but she cared about academics and kids. Speaking of MJ, her main man MS was really trying to leave the District until WD started lining his pockets, now MS is a grand fan of WD. Money will buy lots of loyalty.

    How about all the principals leaving the District, and not the ones you would want! Have you noticed the mass exit? Of course, no one burning bridges, but it is obvious they are fed up with current goings on! Tired of being bullied and FWISD politics?

    Ann, thanks for asking questions – now how about pulling out the “secrets” you know and stop the madness?

  5. AND . . . Dansby refuses to add either item to the agenda (according to Ann’s blog).

    Wow – guess the Paschal folks have been appeased with a new principal at Tanglewood (Dear Judy Needham accidently spilled the beans that Connie Smith will be returning there). Are there really accidents or is she just that dumb? Guess Vic wasn’t willing to bend to the pressure of the neighborhood and they love Connie – she has been there – done that. Good luck Vic – you are a great principal that cares about all kids! You made a great decision.

    Now back to the pocket lining. What’s next?

  6. Not to mention that Mr. Sanchez left INA as principal because he was angry his little cousin, principal at Kirkpatrick, was given a director position on the learning network. Not only was Mr. Garcia more experienced and qualified, but Kirkpatrick’s scores have been bad for years. But, when your mom is a director, I guess all one has to do is run for mommy and you get a better paying job without being any good at what you do. The nepotism has to end…we owe the students so much more than this. I pray it changes soon because the citizens and students of our great city deserve better!

  7. I believe that a round of thanks needs to given to Board member Ann Sutherland, Superintendent Walter Dansby, and Deputy Superintendent Hank Johnson.

    Since reading the Fort Worth Weekly, I have deducted that Ann Sutherland is responsible for the upgrades and promotion being pulled from the approved 2013-2014 budget. Thank you Dr. Sutherland for taking food off my table and away from my kids, medicine and doctor appoints that I will not be able to buy or take them to, and the constant shuffling of bills. This upgrade is for the increased responsibilitues that I have willingly taken on and would have helped my family tremendously; but I will continue shuffling as I have done the last few years. Although the Board did approve a 4% raise and I am very grateful for that; it does not make a dent on the rising cost of the district’s health insurance or the rising cost of groceries and utilities and the fact that we haven’t had a raise in 4 years.

    I cannot forget to thank Mr. Dansby or Hank Johnson. A shout out goes to you both for not having a backbone! All we hear from you is what a good job we are doing and how you appreciate us. If we are doing such a great job and you appreciate us so much, why didn’t you fight for us? Instead, you chose to save your career and bow to political pressure at the expense of your employees well-being.

    I am a single mother, homeowner/taxpayer, and I do not live outside my means. I have worked for the District for many years and it is a job that I enjoy. Despite my upgrade being put on hold, I will continue to work hard for the District and students of FWISD, and carrying out my additional responsibilities for which I am not being compensated.

    I would like the Board of Education to think about this; a co-worker once said to me “why does everyone jump through hoops every time a board member asks for something? They are public servants voted into office to serve the district, employees, and community. The Board works for us, we do not work for the Board”. I wish those words were true, if they were, Ann Sutherland – you would be gone. I will not sign my name to this letter for fear of retaliation. You will know who I am……

    A very disgruntled employee

  8. We need the FEDS to take over as in Atlanta, El Paso, and other places. You may have noticed Sutherland is already back-sliding. Initially angered over her censure she is now slowly crawling back into her cave. Just FYI Ann: The veil of “privilege” over Board Executive Sessions or the like does not apply to meetings involving illegal activity such as violations of the Open Meetings Act; Fraud; Embezzlement; of mismanagement. Either consistently speak out and do something about it or resign. I’m still wondering why the Board is fighting the Palazzolo case after you admitted “termination” was never in your motion. Why not address that and put an end to at least one lawsuit?
    “When the vote came, the board opted to pay him a year’s salary with no mention of termination. The motion stated the whistleblower lawsuit will proceed. So, was he terminated again? Trustee Ann Sutherland, who made the motion, said she did not see it that way. “The word termination is not in the motion,” she pointed out. Neither was an order for a new hearing. ” Betty Brink, FWWeekly

  9. Here’s the deal. This whole thing about the raises is all good and well, and yes, it sucks that this kind of crap keeps happening in our district, but WTH can be done at this juncture, without the power of someone on the inside to make waves? Dr. Sutherland, you cannot keep waffling back and forth about wanting to hold the board and Dansby accountable for their actions. This is more than just about the your censure, raises or Joe! This is deeper and you know it, or maybe you do know and don’t want to admit it! Either way, if you want to really be a warrior for truth and justice for teachers, students and employees, then please step up to the plate and stop making comments here and there that make you sound ambivalent! Either help the cause or just go back to being the Trustee, who is constantly being bullied by Madusa, aka Needham!