So you’re a North Texas arts supporter who’s been wanting to send some cash to a worthy project or artist. You’ve heard a lot about the online crowdfunding source Kickstarter, but as adorable as Zach Braff is, you’ve decided to keep your donation local. Consider forwarding a little green to the Kickstarter campaign for next month’s stage production of Sam Shade: A Detective Musical.

Written by Fort Worth composer/jazz pianist Joe Rogers and directed by Jubilee Theatre alum Sheran Goodspeed Keyton (pictured above), Sam Shade is being produced by Keyton’s stage company DVA Productions. Live theater can always use financial help, but fledgling live theater troupes are especially needy (DVA is about to complete its second full season). Keyton and Rogers were collaborators at Jubilee for close to 20 years, so few local Kickstarter campaigns have this level of artistic experience and ability behind them. There are 13 days left to reach DVA’s relatively modest goal of $5,000, so dip into your weekly Starbucks budget and help subsidize the proven efforts of hardworking local performers.