Plot twists, murder, and suspense aren’t the territory of fiction alone. Written in Blood: The History of Fort Worth’s Fallen Lawmen, Volume 2 is a vivid recounting of a pivotal Fort Worth era, told through the stories of 13 lawmen who confronted the outlaws of early Cowtown and paid for it with their lives.

Local authors Richard Selcer and Kevin Foster, cover in this second volume the years 1910 to 1928, when Fort Worth was entering the modern age. Police were trading in horses for motor vehicles and employing new crime-fighting technology — like call boxes on street corners.

Selcer and Foster bring many years of authoritative experience to the book. Selcer is a history professor at Weatherford College and the author of numerous books about Fort Worth and Texas. Foster is a retired Fort Worth police officer and a founding member of the Fort Worth Historical Association.

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