Today on its website, the Texas Rangers announced CEO Nolan Ryan will be stepping down, effective Oct. 31.

“This is the right time for me to step down from my role of overseeing the Rangers organization,” Ryan said in a statement. “I am extremely proud of what this organization has accomplished. On the field, we have enjoyed great success at the major league level. The fans have supported us in record numbers the last two years and we have been able to upgrade the ballpark and enhance the in-game experience to reward that loyalty.

“We have a group of talented and passionate employees who have helped make this success possible,” he said. “This organization is in good hands. I am leaving with a lot of great memories from my tenure here and I know the organization will continue to thrive in the years to come.”


Ryan was brought into the organization by former owner Tom Hicks in 2008. Ryan was made President and CEO, but was stripped of his title as President after the 2012 season, when general manager Jon Daniels was given the job. Reports of a rift between Ryan and Daniels have been widely reported by local sports media.

The spat has been characterized by many in the media as the old school Ryan being pushed out by new school, stat geek Jon Daniels — though those who work with him say Daniels is anything but a stat geek. If anything he is overly dependent/loyal to his scouts.

Earlier this month, Daniels fired bench coach Jackie Moore, who went on the record speculating that he was fired for being a “Ryan guy.” Those who follow the Rangers may understand that his termination may have something to do with his role advising manager Ron Washington to bunt 14 times a game and making sport out of seeing how many outs the team can make on the base paths.

Ryan joined the ownership group headed by Ray Davis and Bob Simpson in 2010.

“Under Nolan’s leadership and guidance over the past six years, the Rangers organization has made enormous strides both on and off the field,” Davis and Simpson said in a statement. “Nolan has meant so much to this franchise and to our fans. We thank him for his many contributions, including his role in helping to develop one of the finest baseball operations staff in the game.

“Today we turn the page on what we believe is a very bright future for this organization. We wish Nolan all the best.”

Robin Ventura could not be reached for comment.