The unintended irony in one Saginaw resident’s statement was so thick, you could cut it with a knife: “People care, they really do. Saginaw is still a small town.” Big-hearted li’l Saginaw cares so much, they’ve prevented desperate potential clients from seeking treatment for a legitimate medical condition –– substance abuse –– in their town. Last night the Saginaw city council, at the behest of passionate neighborhood protestors, denied permission for a professional rehab facility run by an established health care company to set up shop in a strip mall. The problem? There’s a day care center nearby.

The fears of Saginaw parents are understandable, which is not automatically the same thing as legitimate. I can find no research that establishes a connection between addiction and pedophilia/violence against children. They overlap in some cases, but guess what? In some cases there’s also an overlap between day care centers and pedophilia/violence against kids. Predators of children want to go where the targets are plentiful, which means virtually any child care facility is a constant potential magnet. And abusers often are –– hold on to your hats! –– child care professionals, parents, family members, and family friends. Substance addiction is almost beside the point here.

So yes, concerned citizens of Saginaw successfully chased away a treatment center for sick people from their midst. And I (sort of) get why they did it. But to be clear, they didn’t chase away the threat of child sexual abuse by keeping those skanky addicts away from that strip mall. They just provided another example of why I tend to distrust “community standards.”


  1. Does the Weekly Staff own shares in Med Mark- the nascent “addiction services” supposedly established “Health Care” company described as wanting to “expand” into Saginaw? Can’t anyone on your staff do some basic research? Med Mark is just another Lilly White capitalist take over company( in my humble opinion) desiring to make some bucks on the current addiction dilemma (perhaps at the expense of the addicted). They already took over (at rates favorable to them- allegedly) a Fort Worth location and only have a (treatment) presence in Texas in Waco. So how is this company really helping Texans? It only has a presence in a few states (how special). I certainly understand the dilemma of the addicted -one only has to read David Sheff’s book about his Meth addicted son “A Beautiful Boy” To get the the picture of the problems of addict in a typical family.The opportunistic prosecutorial Jihad against Day Care Center owners, i would suggest Dorothy Rabinowitz fine book “No Crueler Tyrannies” about the blatant one sided, unfair prosecution and sentencing of innocent Day Care Center employees in the 80’s and 90’s. Addiction is a real problem in today’s society-more so because of so called legitimate medical prescriptive “help”. Saginaw residents have the right to question the motives of take over trending comapnies. Why was one needed in this exact location? the reason that no one reads or comments on your silly articles is because your “average man” against the Red Neck Texan template is sad worn and irrelevant to an informed population

  2. Good morning hypocrites! The tendency of the liberal media to brutalize and bully addicts or former addicts who are political conservatives has been well established. Witness the kindness and sympathy granted to former hydrocodone/oxycodone addict Rush Limbaugh by liberals and the liberal media. As I recall, labeling those who oppose their” kind and progressive” agenda are also not infrequently accused of “pedophilia”. In last years’ pre election frenzy, Limbaugh was also accused in multiple blogs (without any proof) of inappropriate behavior with under age youngsters, massive Viagra purchases, etc. (funny how all this goes away if one has a liberal label)…

    • Limbaugh was an asshole deserving of belittlement long before he was ever an addict. Playing the victim card for that blowhard is a joke.

      • Thanks for completely validating my premise and proving my point.
        The foul mouthed biased liberal contingent can never control themselves when it comes to cyber and print bullying. BTW, there is a difference between factual discourse and ‘playing the victim” Professional “victimhood” is a liberal trait.

    • Frothed-mouthed, unhinged ranting about the “liberal media” = perfect sign you should ignore everything that comes out of a person’s mouth. Thanks for the easy shorthand, “skeptic!”

      • (LOL)…And you have some actual examples of being “froth mouthed,(crude) and unhinged” other than Nick and Becks’ own commentary- sterling examples -which further prove my point-BTW- of Nick and Beck’s confusion and profanity (in defense of the liberal media-I guess)?

        I am not the one using curse words or false accusations here, because I don’t have to sound shrill deranged and desperate to make a valid point. Of course you two probably shouldn’t be exposed to opinions different from your own-because you can’t seem to handle it.

  3. There have been studies written about how recovering addicts are drawn to conservative politics, because the rigidity of its core tenants and streamlined thinking resemble the same kind of firm boundaries of most recovery techniques, like AA and NA.

    In other words, Republicans thrive on a set of rules and everything is codified. On the other hand, the dems are chaotic and have a much bigger tent. There’s no streamlined message, or at least not a very cogent one.

    An addict, or someone with an addictive personality, needs order. Republicans have that in spades.

    • My guess is that half of Hollywood which fits the description of “current or recovering addict” would be shocked to learn (according to you) that hey are “Republican/Conservative”. Where do you get these crazy premises?