The Texas Railroad Commission, which regulates the oil and gas industry in this state, is looking to add an in-house seismologist to its staff. Why? That remains to be seen.

A growing number of people are accusing the natural gas drilling industry of creating a spate of earthquakes in areas of Texas that haven’t experienced them before. Residents at last week’s Azle town hall meeting kept begging the Railroad Commission to shut down a local injection well until studies determine whether those types of wells cause earthquakes. More than two dozen quakes have struck the little town northwest of Fort Worth in the past couple of months, and residents are worried.

Lo and behold, Railroad Commissioner David Porter announced this week that the agency will hire a seismologist to help the agency gather data about “any possible causation between oil and gas activities and seismic events,” he said. “Commission rules and regulations must be based on sound science and proven facts.”

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