If you think about it, people who favor tough gun control laws are motivated by pretty much the same thing as those who want few (or no) firearms restrictions: Fear of A Crazy Person With a Gun. The stories are all over the local and national news –– disgruntled co-workers, students, and ex-spouses arrive unexpectedly at an office or a school with tons of ammo and blind vengeance on their minds. The idea seems so scarily plausible everywhere that “magical thinking” has set in: People are almost afraid to mention the possibility of public shootings for fear that speaking about such things will somehow nudge them into happening.

Still, nothing is accomplished when harsh contemporary realities are ignored. The Fort Worth Safe Communities Coalition will host a safety workshop for small business owners and employees 8am-noon Wed Feb 26 at Christ Chapel Bible Church, 3701 Birchman Ave, FW. The title of the educational event says it all –– “Preparing Your Business for the Unthinkable: A Gunman in the Workplace.” Danny Defenbaugh, a retired special agent formerly in charge of Dallas’ FBI field office, moderates a panel featuring specialists in law enforcement, private security, mental health, emergency trauma response, and related areas of expertise. The goal is to help everyone develop a workable plan for dealing with a workplace shooter. The program is free, but pre-registration is required.