Arlington Heights High School is at the center of another controversy, this one involving the alleged unfair treatment of Hispanic students. Jeff Prince
Arlington Heights High School is at the center of another controversy, this one involving the alleged unfair treatment of Hispanic students. Jeff Prince

In January, five Arlington Heights High School soccer players, all Hispanic, were found smoking marijuana and also had beer in their room in a San Antonio hotel. The students were in town for a soccer tournament; their coach, Chad Whitt, caught them while he was making rounds checking up on his players.

Since then, three of the five have found themselves tangled in a bureaucratic tug-of-war that Whitt charges is due in part to his own history in helping reveal problems at Heights and in part to an ongoing bias at the school that he believes results in Hispanic students being treated unfairly when it comes to discipline.

After the discovery, Whitt called the district’s assistant athletic director in Fort Worth for instructions and was told to call the police. The police let the students go without writing any citations. But the players’ part in the tournament was over: Whitt called their parents, who had to drive to San Antonio to pick them up.

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As punishment, the students were suspended for three days and made to attend a drug and alcohol awareness class. Whitt said recently that an Arlington Heights vice principal told him the students’ future with the team was up to the coach.

The two students who admitted to bringing the drugs and alcohol on the trip in effect quit the team of their own accord. Whitt suspended the other three players for 10 games –– roughly half the season. The three are honor roll students who had never been in trouble before, so Whitt decided to give them a second chance.

“I made the decision that they’d been punished and that they learned and understood that what they did was wrong,” he said. “They paid the price, and I let them back on the team.”

Whitt and the other players were eager to put the ordeal behind them. The Heights soccer program was still reeling from the death of a teammate earlier in the school year. Javier Zacarias, a 15-year-old sophomore, drowned in Lake Worth in September.

As it turned out, things were far from resolved.

In the weeks that followed, the three kids were yo-yoed on and off the team. When the trio finished the 10-game suspension, Heights Principal Sarah Weeks told the coach the kids couldn’t rejoin the team after all.

After more than a month of arguing and meetings, the students were told this week that they are back on the team. It took the intervention of school board trustee Jacinto Ramos to make it happen.

The ordeal opened old wounds for Whitt, who believes that the players were used by the district to retaliate against him for being one of its most outspoken critics. He has been a vocal supporter of Joe Palazzolo, the former vice principal turned whistle-blower who exposed widespread attendance fraud, disparate treatment of minority students, and a long list of other issues. It was Whitt and another coach who brought the attendance fraud to Palazzolo’s attention.

The TEA verified the majority of Palazzolo’s complaints. Whitt is listed as a witness for him in his upcoming wrongful termination trial. In 2011 the coach told a TEA administrative law judge that he was threatened with termination after testifying in an earlier TEA hearing on behalf of the former assistant principal.

District spokesman Clint Bond declined to comment, noting that the district is prohibited from discussing any cases involving student discipline.

Whitt said his problems over the soccer players’ treatment began when they returned from their three-day suspension from classes. The coach said he went to his immediate supervisor and asked whether the kids would be allowed back on the team.

“He told me ‘It’s up to you as far as how long you want to hold them out,’ ” Whitt recalled.

After the students served their 10-game suspension and apologized to the team, Whitt allowed them to return in time for one of the final tournaments of the year. As is customary, he notified teachers that the students would miss a day of school to play in the out-of-town competition.

Weeks, who is in her first year as principal of the oft-troubled school, saw the list and asked the coach why the students were still on the team.

Whitt explained the leeway he’d been given by the vice principal. The coach said Weeks had some reservations but was generally supportive of his decision.

However, the following week, Whitt got a text message from Weeks telling him not to let the kids play again until the students had met with officials from the athletic department. A fellow coach assured Whitt the meeting was just a formality.

At the meeting, Weeks told Whitt that she had decided the kids were off the team, after Superintendent Walter Dansby affirmed it was her decision to make.

Whitt was especially frustrated given what he sees as the school’s history of disparate treatment of Hispanic students in disciplinary matters, attendance, and athletics.

“I can tell you the only reason this happened is because these kids are Hispanic,” he said.

When attendance fraud was going on at Heights, he said, “I saw a white kid get 55 absences erased in one fell swoop, and he graduated. And the same [forgiveness] was not afforded to the other kids.

“It’s always been like that at Heights,” he said. “If you have money and you’re the right color, you can do whatever you want to do.”

Whitt said many non-Hispanic athletes have committed worse offenses than the soccer players, with few or no consequences. He cited two recent examples, one involving a white baseball and football player and another involving three black basketball players.

“Two years ago … our star quarterback and star pitcher on the baseball team was busted with alcohol and tobacco in his car, and he didn’t even get suspended,” Whitt said. “Last year [three members of] the basketball team were caught out of their hotel rooms after curfew having sex with female students” in the young women’s hotel rooms, “and they were suspended for two or three days and immediately rejoined the basketball team.”

The soccer players’ parents asked Raul Duran, a member of the League of United Latin American Citizens, for help. Duran, a former schools employee who sued the district for racial discrimination, and Richard Gonzales, president of the LULAC local district, met with Weeks and the parents.

“Basically we were there to explain the parents’ feelings and their disappointment with the decision,” Duran said. “Our meeting was more of an informational type meeting. We heard the position of the school district; they heard our position.”

Duran said that Weeks told the parents and LULAC representatives that Whitt should not have allowed the players back on the team and that the school’s position has always been that the three should be suspended through the end of the season.

Ramos, the schools trustee who represents a predominantly Hispanic Northside district, said he was approached by one of the players and by LULAC in hopes that he could convince the administrators to reconsider.

He met with the three students. “They said they had done everything that was asked of them, and they thought that they were going to be able to get back on the team,” Ramos said. “That’s when I called [the district’s athletic director] Kevin Green and Mr. Dansby, and [asked them] to take another look at what the boys had been told.”

Whitt said that soon after that, he received a phone call from Dansby, who told him that it is indeed the coach’s responsibility to determine how long a player is suspended. Whitt put the trio back on the team.

Last week, Whitt filed a grievance against Weeks on an unrelated matter. The principal, he said, placed a letter of concern in his record for failing to contact a parent about a disciplinary matter. Whitt said he was absent from school on the day he was supposed to have contacted the parent and has an e-mail from a vice principal telling him it was not his responsibility to contact the parent anyway.

He maintains that his role in Palazzolo’s saga is the reason for many of his clashes with administrators. Palazzolo’s wrongful termination lawsuit against the district will be back in court later this month.

“I don’t believe it [the pressure on him] is coming from [Weeks],” he said. “I believe that it’s coming from downtown.”



  1. weeks should have stayed in Benbrook where she belongs, with higher income people. She is cold and has no understanding with families from rougher walks of life.

  2. During Mr. Griffey’s interview of me for this article, I mistakenly used the title of “District President” to describe Mr. Richard Gonzales. As a point of correction, Mr. Gonzales is the President of LULAC Chapter 4916. Ms. Mary Hernandez is our LULAC District Director. I apologize for my unintentional mistake.

  3. Ms. Weeks was the principal for many years of the predominantly Hispanic McLean 6th grade school, and was well liked, respected, and just. The problem at Heights, and Paschal as well, is one of how influential your parents are, which many times falls along race lines.

    There are many stories at Heights and Paschal of students whose parents are Booster Club or PTA board members who don’t receive the same treatment as students whose parents are not influential. Last year at the first dance at Paschal, several students arrived drunk. One girl in particular threw up everywhere. But she is the daughter of a Booster club member and PTA officer. She received zero consequences. The story is well known in the community. These parents want breathalyzers at dances, but not from police officers. They want a private company to do them so that if their child is drunk, they get a phone call to come pick them up and not have to deal with police. ‘They are just being kids, we don’t want them to have a police record for something all kids do’. But if the child does not have influential parents, is not in the ‘in-crowd’, then by all means suspend him, lock him away, move him to another school. We don’t want him poisoning our perfect babies. Double standard by the parents and administrators who are too afraid to stand up to them. Always has been at these two schools and always will be. Let’s not even get started about the Heights baseball team and alcohol.

  4. I’m surprised that Needham let Mr. Ramos poach on her territory. He should probably watch out because we all know she doesn’t like anyone interfering with Heights.

  5. This is just one of the most recent issues in a long, long list. Just check out Fort Worth Fights Facebook page. In my opinion, Needham IS the problem at AHHS and FWISD. Over 30 Teachers, Coaches and an Administrator (Palazzolo) reported AHHS for the very same issue four years ago. Palazzolo finally took the complaints and evidence to TEA who sustained his report. Did the Board do anything to correct the “affluenza” double standards, falsification of attendance, or theft of $$$ and equipment? No. At Needham’s direction FWISD went after him and fired him twice. Meanwhile the person who personally changed thousands of unexcused absences, and was paid to spend the summer searching Palazzolo’s office, computer and e-mail, still works for FWISD – even after FWISD was fined and forced into an approved, attendance control plan. Others took the same info and filed with Dept. of Education. Nothing. Last year under Oliver, we learned that minority Special Needs children at AHHS had been defecating for two (2) years in a potty chair in their classroom. Did anything happen? No. Oliver got promoted after taxpayers funded his education for coursework taken during the school day. These stories have been well documented by Betty Brink and Eric Griffey. Yet and still, people re-elected Needham, Robbins and Sims. (Dansby and Sims are at this very moment in violation of their own Board Policy and perhaps State Law by having hired direct blood relatives). This year Needham (allegedly) “asked” the FWISD Director of Athletics Kevin Green to remove an outstanding AHHS Teacher and Coach (retired Military man) as Varsity Girls Volleyball Coach. Green (who is rumored to be having an affair with his secretary) complied. Who did FWISD hire? A 62 year old, uncertified, “close personal friend” of Needham’s with no classroom experience. Dansby proposed and the Board approved his hiring as a certified teacher and coach even though he is neither. The corruption is deep and will remain as long as incumbent Board Members are re-elected. Remember that during the School Board elections next year. Needham’s personal vendetta against Palazzolo comes to the courtroom in 12 short days. It of course began because Palazzolo dared apply to rules for alcohol and drugs to all students – not just minorities. Why is anyone surprised Needham “allowed” Cinto to help these students? After all, they are Hispanic.

  6. GREAT story Eric! Let me get this straight; Raul is a “member” of LULAC, suing the district for discrimination and pulls in a top dog at LULAC to help represent 3 ISD Hispanic students at Heights…for discrimination!!!??? WTH Raul? And you all held court with the district and did nothing for these kids why??? The ever almighty LULAC, not so almighty after all, b/c it took a Trustee from another district, to go in and turn the wrongs into rights! Where has Needham been in all this, considering AHHS is in her district? Oh, my bad, the kids being scrutinized aren’t white; otherwise, she would be all over that like “White on rice”, pun intended! In my opinion, LULAC is nothing more than a political entity with an agenda. One only has to look at the fact that Raul stuck his big nose in this ordeal, only to pull his facade of being important, around the offices of FWISD! Come on Raul, we see right through you! We all know you are using these 3 Hispanic kids to show off to FWISD that you have “Da power” and they should be scared of you! You “talk the talk”, but fail to “walk the walk”, just like you have pretended helping Palazzolo. When the tough get going…you take a shortcut through the ISD woods and mow anyone down, who does not help you get what you want! This stint of yours and LULAC, pretending to care about our Hispanic kids in this district, is such a farce. Don’t think we have forgotten how LULAC supported the corrupted Sylvia Reyna, former Chief at FWISD, who was the catalyst behind the witch hunt against Palazzolo, considering she was in charge of AHHS/Palazzolo investigation. YOUR LULAC supported her so much so that they publicly acknowledged Reyna as being the best candidate for Superintendent, when Johnson left. She is also the same evil person, who probably ordered the bullying against all other AHHS staff, who supported Palazzolo, to include Chad Whitt, as well as ordering Sharon Herrera’s position, as Cultural Diversity Trainer, be dissolved in retaliation for Sharon supporting Palazzolo. In my eyes LULAC, you have NO credibility in the Latino community AT ALL! Leave it to Cinto to bring much needed justice! Cinto, I look forward to seeing you on a much larger ballot in the near future, than with a school district, which has continuously slammed our Latino employees and students to the ground for many years! I can’t wait for March 18th for Palazzolo versus FWISD, to watch the malicious bigoted bullies fall to disgrace!

  7. After so long and so much nonsense, I am skeptical that a trial will take place. Just like last time the district will make a last minute settlement offer and after some negotiating a deal will be reached. I know all of us on the sidelines would love to see a trial, especially one that would expose all of the bad actors in this horrible melodrama for exactly who and what they are but it isn’t likely to happen. Truely no one can blame Joe for settling, if that does happen, after so long. I know I would love to hear all the juicey testimony from that group we love to hate. You all know them, the ones responsible for this mess but I don’t believe it will happen.

  8. Don’t know where you have been or who you were reading or listening to but NEWSFLASH
    no deal “was reached”. Easy to kick back and talk smack behind the veil of anonymity isn’t it? This article is proof nothing has changed at AHHS or FWISD. At least Palazzolo is still fighting. And this time he has a REAL attorney.

  9. WOW! This is a great example of how people without all the facts,all the information make “stories”happen.Two sides to all events folks,are you sure this was a comprehensive and simple fact story? No personal issues brewing under the guise of “freedom of speech”?This article is tainted by personal issues that come from both the Fort Worth Weekly and their staff.I’m keeping it on the bottom of the birdcage as always.

    • FACT: AHHS committed attendance fraud. FACT: Students were graduated without sufficient credits in 2010. FACT: Izzie Perry stole Booster funds. FACT: Judy Needham intervened on behalf of Chuck Boyd and Neta Alexander. FACT: FWISD hired investigators to travel of OKC in an attempt to discredit Mr. Palazzolo….to no avail. FACT: FWISD has wasted countless sums of money in an attempt to defend the indefensible. Meanwhile, the adults within the administration are acting like oversexed, drug and alcohol adolescents, themselves. Something they have zero tolerance for the children to whom they are to be an example. If the citizens of Fort Worth would pay close attention to this school district ala PEYTON PLACE, they would be appalled at how closely the adult behavior mirrors the teens. The tax dollars wasted on FWISD is criminal. When the matter of the Booster Club theft was brought to Asst. DA Lobininger, he was told the district did not want to press charges. Since when is a crime not a crime? When FWISD says so. The citizens of Fort Worth should hang their heads in shame for allowing the likes of Board Trustees such as Judy Needham run her fifedom on the backs of taxpayers.

  10. Fed-up: You clearly have not kept up with AHHS/Palazzolo case since its inception; otherwise, you would know where this case has been and where it is now! You would also know that it is NOT Palazzolo, who has deliberately gone through every legal loophole the past four years of litigation, at the tune of almost 1 mil of taxpayer money spent, to delay the inevitable, which is justice for being retaliated against and fired!!! The man simply wanted, and still wants, his job and good name back! Yes, he has been caught in this legal battle for this long, b/c of certain greedy money grubbing people with hidden agendas and backhanded deals! These “people” are at the epicenter of this fiasco, because of what they have done and how they have done it…to Palazzolo and his family. Palazzolo has been dragged through the mud, all in retaliation for trying to bring forth malfeasances. They haven’t wanted Palazzolo back into the district; because they know he will probably reveal more, because THERE IS MORE! Fed-up, it takes guts to stand for what is right and lose your job, finances, reputation, security, and more. Would you do it? Probably not! He took the fall to bring the misuse and abuse to the surface! Others who have lost their jobs or had to retire because they were in support of Palazzolo, or they themselves were the people, who gave him the scandalous information, are still reeling from this district’s bullying tactics. But no more, thanks to his new and professional legal counselors. And to K-Steel, make jokes about lining your birdcage with the Weekly; they have been the only paper with the guts to report the TRUTH, unlike the Telegram-less crap you all call a “Newspaper”. We will see who laughs last, when this comes out…again…next week, but with more challenges on FWISD to tell the truth once and for all! Palazzolo has already been judged and crucified by this district’s evildoers. It is time for the truth to rise!

  11. If you think this is the truth- then you don’t really know all that went on and continued as the man was sent out as the principals personal attack dog.He manhandled students, teachers and went beyond all right bullying students by sequestering them in the bathrooms at dances and insisting they were drunk and he would”get them”.He was a loose cannon at best, and an outright threat to many teachers and students.The truth- this paper is far from it….and note- I never mentioned the startlegram either as a alternative source.But to just buy this story.Two sides hun-always two sides.

    • Wow KSTEEL, did I strike a nerve or what? You obviously have ONE situation you think you know so much about that YOU are holding on to shards of one-sided info! The principal’s “attack dog”? Let me guess; you’re either Izzy Perry, the parent of the girl caught, who lied btw, or a disgruntled teacher, who probably slacked off! No matter, you’re entitled to your humorous opinion! For your information, “Hun”, statements were taken and investigated, and unless you are the police officer who conducted the investigation, you have nothing, except your opinion. Joe is exactly what AHHS needed, and other schools for that matter, to help many teachers come forward and report wrongdoings. I get my info from the source, KSteel! Who do you get your info from, Judy Needham? And “note”, I made reference to the Telegram, b/c you said you were using this paper “to line your birdcage”! If you hate that the weekly doesn’t print facts, then go to the Telegram to make your comments there on stories about this case. Oh wait, the Telegram doesn’t print stories about this case, b/c they make FWISD look bad; so, good luck! Let us know how that works out for you! We’ll let you know about “truth” in Decatur on March 18th!

  12. I am a LULAC member and I must respond to Justice’s (what a misnomer!) comment; if nothing else, so that the readers, and hopefully, Justice, can learn a little about LULAC. The League of United Latin-American Citizens is a nationwide organization that advocates for the civil rights of Latin-Americans. Justice is very critical of two of our local members from Chapter 4916. As far as I was able to ascertain, from Mr. Griffey’s article, these two gentlemen did exactly what they were called on to do— they helped convey the distressed feelings of the parents and students and advocated on their behalf to get them back on the team. When first denied, LULAC advocated for the boys to a board member who had direct access to the superintendent, and lo and behold, the boys are back on the team!
    It was a little difficult to understand if the focus of Mr. Griffey’s article was on the plight of the boys and their parents or on Coach Whitt and Joe Palazzalo. I do find it funny that Justice is so willing to criticize an organization’s successfull effort. But we LULAC members are used to others trying to show us how to do things— usually without their ever having a relationship with or wanting to protect the best interest of the Latin-Americans involved. By the way, Justice, it was not LULAC Chapter 4916, or any of that chapter’s members, who spoke on behalf of Sylvia Reyna. You should also know that Mr. Palazzalo’s new attorney is a lifelong LULAC member.

    • Really: As you state in your own comment, your only source of info in this matter is the article. I did not read Justice’s comment as being critical of “two of our local members” but rather one – a person known to many FWISD employees. The gentlemen quoted has not been forthright. You should know that were it not for Coach Whitt, and another LULAC member and mother from AHHS, those three players would be gone – no thanks to LULAC Fort Worth. Many of those commenting here are Latino and LULAC members. The Fort Worth Chapter cannot be compared to the Dallas Chapter in terms of effectiveness or advocacy. Their misguided support for Sylvia Reyna was simply another example of being out of touch with their members, several of who were Reyna’s victims.

      • It’s hard to teach someone who just doesn’t want to listen. Griffey’s article states that, after being contacted by the boys’ parents, Duran, Gonzales, and the boys’ parents all met with Weeks and they conveyed the sentiments of the parents and the boys to Weeks. Justice, in his/her blanket condemnation of LULAC does specify Duran as one of his/her targets, but, with Gonzales also being a LULAC chapter president, the condemnation of Gonzales is certainly also made clear. So my statement that Justice is critical of both gentlemen is certainly accurate to those who have even a basic understanding of reading comprehension.
        Please understand that throughout the metroplex there are dozens of LULAC chapters; each with their own officers and members and with their own focus on issues affecting Latin-Americans. What one chapter does may not always include any other chapter; although there have been issues where individual chapters unite in a common cause. So, there is no Fort Worth LULAC or even a Dallas LULAC. To Really, Duran’s and Gonzales’ LULAC chapter 4916 is based in Arlington and, as already stated, was not the chapter that advocated for Reyna.
        It’s interesting that Justice and To Really cannot see that if it were not for that first meeting with Weeks, nothing and nobody, including Coach Whitt, were able to get the ball rolling that eventually got the boys back on the team. Of course, one can never see if always blinded by criticism. My hat’s off to LULAC 4916 and its members!

  13. WOW Purveyor and that other person who talks about anonymity but could only sign in as To Fed Up did you read what I wrote? My information has always been what’s been printed in the Weekly. I don’t know anyone, to the best of my knowledge, that’s directly involved in the case. Purveyor I know you have read my blogs before on this because you’ve replied to some of them so you should know I am 100% for Joe. The other guy, I don’t care what you know but here’s my point. I want a trial, I want every SOB involved in Joe’s persecusion to be exposed so the public can see just how bad things are in the district and he can be vindicated. However, when we thought he had a “real” lawyer before, a last minute settlement was reached that the district later renigged on. Even with new lawyer, a settlement is a possibilty. It is up to Joe and his lawyer to decide what they do if such an offer is made. NOBODY in the administration wants this to go to trial. They all know how bad the results can be. That’s all I said before. Purveyor, I hope this will clarify my position to you. The other guy, I don’t care who you are, what you think or if you understand my position on this matter.

    • Fed-up: The reason for my disdain toward you is that you obviously didn’t have facts about the trial and the fact that Joe didn’t get an agreement. If you have read all of the articles thus far, you would know that very important fact. Joe was ready to settle, he has been ready! However, as reported before, Dansby and Needham, along with the ruthless Smith and district attorneys, made an agreement in very bad faith. it just sounded like you were dissing Joe, not supporting him. This whole fiasco has left a bad taste in my mouth and the mouths of many, by acknowledging that this district is as corrupt as it is and no one has cared, until Joe came along and sacrificed the last 4 yrs of his life to bring them to court. I can’t say I would ever have the patience or the strength to go through all of this and still be alive to tell their story.

  14. Really,“Really”?! I know who you really are, judging from the pompous attitude about YOUR organization, which in my opinion, is selective on whom they advocate for! If you ask me, you threw your own “LULAC brethren under the proverbial bus”, insinuating YOUR chapter is better for advocating for the students, while the “other chapter” spoke up for the defunct Reyna. It doesn’t matter which chapter it was or not; the bottom line is that LULAC shouldn’t stick their noses into it, when they know NOTHING about whom they are supporting, like that corrupt witch, Reyna! If people only knew what she did to manipulate and disgrace good employees amidst the onset of the AHHS/Palazzolo fiasco. Thankfully, Reyna’s contention for Super candidacy was laughed at and she took herself out of the running! I was at that board meeting, when “the other chapter” spoke on her behalf…it was a joke! And now, YOUR chapter, 4916, was “denied” with FWISD, until the real guy with power came to your rescue! As far as Ms. Neave being a lifelong member; she apparently belongs to the Dallas chapter, which in comparison to FTW, is a lot more reputable. If your statement, “LULAC is an organization that advocates for the civil rights of Latin-Americans” is true, ALL Latin Americans should be represented equally, but they are not! Where were you guys, when Sharon Herrera, a Latin American, was bullied to quit after she testified in favor of Palazzolo? Where were you, when the bullying didn’t work, so they dissolved her department and moved her into a department under the bullying barracuda, Dr. Diaz, who also bullied her mercilessly? So, was the 4916 busy that day or what?

    FWISD is comprised of 68% Latino students, and don’t get me started on the % of Latin Americans, who work for this district! There are LOTS of Latinos being discriminated against, bullied, retaliated on, and harassed and then some. Look at the number of failing schools within our district in predominately Latin communities, which are plagued with pregnant teens, gang violence, drug abuse and dropouts. Where is LULAC there? I don’t hear of LULAC advocating for squat, when those very schools are intentionally set up to continue to fail, in order to acquire more money from the Feds for the district…NOT for the actual school! What LULAC needs to do is advocate that this godforsaken district gets rid of the corruption on the school board and press to hire a Hispanic Superintendent to meet the needs of the minority majority! Yes, “Really”, I DO KNOW what LULAC is and what it SHOULD be, but regrettable, isn’t! Yep, I work in the trenches with, and advocate for, MY “brethren” on a daily basis! Do you??? I don’t think so, because YOUR brethren have a tendency to sell out for “sacks of silver”!

  15. Sounds like we can all agree on one thing: the desperate need to reform FWISD. We need to ensure in the coming School Board elections that the Hispanic Community in particular gets out the vote to rid the Board of vindictive and self-serving incumbents (Jackson) and
    dinosaurs (Moss). If we do not, millions will continue to be wasted on frivolous litigation, our children will continue to suffer and good people who have sacrificed to bring this all to our attention like Palazzolo, Whitt, Herrera, and the AHHS teachers and coaches will continue to be persecuted. Dansby has continued the legacy of corruption started by Tocco. He has done it with the approval of the Board. Look at the promotions and raises; the employment of relatives, girlfriends, etc. the increasing number of retire-rehires. Can you actually believe the Board approved retiree Paul Galvan as Poly Principal? OUTRAGEOUS!



      2015 HERE WE COME!!!

  16. I agree that FWISD needs a desperate face lift and oust the old regime to bring in the new, who if they don’t get caught up in the politics, will give this district much needed improvement. Jackson has Needham’s support and it may be a tough incumbent to get around to a point of losing her seat. Let’s face it, Moss is just a front person for Needham, because everyone knows Needham calls the shots on that board. I for one hope that they lose. Isn’t Galvan one of the district’s closers? I continue to hear his name emerge every time someone falls from grace within the district. I’m still holding out for the demise of some major players inside this district, so we can give the kids and employees of this district a chance to succeed in a more positive school culture.

    • We need to put candidates against Jackson regardless of whether she is a tough incumbent. Once the trial comes and we hear the truth then we can let the public know how treacherous this person is. Let’s not give up before we get started, there will be candidates against and we will need to support them. Those of us here who are tired of the mess, let’s use our anger and help campaigns and bring people to vote!!

  17. I was under the assumption that it was required that all attendees at AHHS dance events were to be intoxicated on malt liquor in the first place. The parking lot is generally full of ice chests packed with the stuff. 40 oz. bottles of Mickey’s, Colt 45, O E 800, Hurricane Ice, etc., are being guzzled down with near alarming regularity at these events. What’s the big deal?