I miss those commercials for the Psychic Hotline. Remember those? I think Esther Rolle starred in one them. Then there was the Tarot Card hotline commercials starring Miss Cleo, a woman with a Caribbean accent who wanted viewers to “call ma now for ya free readin’.”

I’m not comparing the online School of Metaphysics to those tele-huxters from the ’80s. But when I heard the school is hosting a National Dream Hotline that offers callers 54 straight hours of free dream interpretations, I hoped the person on the other end of the line would have a Jamaican accent. But, alas, the Fort Worth Branch of the hotline will be run by local sound engineer/videographer Joe Easton — he’s from Iowa. But he has studied this stuff and he’s super enthusiastic about it.

“Dreams are strange, entertaining, fun, and scary, but also informative and enlightening,” he said.


The hotline kicks off April 25 and will be free from then until April 27. So start keeping a dream diary. Maybe Joe will affect an accent for you, though I seriously doubt it.




  1. As a fellow dream enthusiast and Joe Easton fan, I wanted to make sure everyone knew the number to call. The number for the hotline is 817.920.9180