A couple of years ago I wrote a “Weekly” blog item sniping about the Dallas Opera broadcasting a performance on the big screen inside Cowboys Stadium. (The item prompted DO honcho Jonathan Pell to compare me to The Marx Brothers’ stuffy straightwoman Margaret Dumont. If only I was that funny, or carried my own voluptuous form in an evening dress so well.) I wasn’t trying to be a snob, it’s just I’m not a sports fan and it’s fun to complain endlessly about how popular football is around these parts.

But now the Fort Worth Opera and the Coyote Drive-In have collaborated on a new cross-promotional video to be broadcast at both venues. Why do I think this idea is cool? Because while football bores me, I love drive-in movies. (And opera’s great, too.) Produced by North Texas company Neatovision, the ad stars FWO general director Darren K. Woods, Coyote owner Brandt Wood, a bunch of famous opera characters, and a chorus of Brunhilde puppets. How much do I love this ad? I can’t even count the ways.


  1. Jimmy, thanks so much for the kind words!! It’s a dream to have been able to work with the Opera. It was just a really supportive experience. I can’t say enough good things about them. I just wrapped up an epic musical that was presented at a birthday dinner honoring a wealthy local family. I’m currently working on an ongoing art/video project for Cook Children’s, a PSA with the Dallas Derby Devils, and a puppet-astic promo for an international touring act. The FW Opera opened a lot of doors for me, and I’m truly grateful. Sloan from NEAToVISION