Yesterday the Fort Worth school district announced it will be offering free breakfasts and lunches to children ages 18 and under beginning June 11. The program is open to all children who want a free meal and does not require enrollment in any summer program.

According to a press release from the district, the free meals are available at the following sites:

Carter Riverside High School, Arlington Heights High School, Dunbar High School, Eastern Hills High School, Poly Technical High School, Trimble Technical High School, Southwest High School, O.D. Wyatt High School, Middle Level Learning Center Transition Center, Daggett Middle School, Wedgewood 6th, J.P. Elder Middle School, William James Middle School, Kirkpatrick Middle School, McLean Middle School, W.A. Meacham Middle School, Meadowbrook Middle School, Wedgewood Middle School, Leonard Middle School, International Newcomers, Rosemont 6th, Jean McClung Middle School, TABS Prep, Young Men’s Leadership Academy Benbrook Elementary, Boulevard Heights Elementary, West Handley Elementary, Carroll Peak Elementary, Carter Park Elementary, Manual Jara Elementary, E.M. Daggett Elementary, East Handley Elementary, Harlean Beal Elementary, Rosemont Elementary, Greenbriar Elementary, Hubbard Heights Elementary, H.V. Helbing, D. McRae Elementary, Morningside Elementary, Oakhurst Elementary, Natha Howell Elementary, Oaklawn Elementary, M.L. Phillips Elementary, Richard J. Wilson Elementary, South Hi Mount Elementary, Tanglewood Elementary, W.J. Turner Elementary, Worth Heights Elementary, Riverside Elementary, Daggett Montessori, Woodway Elementary, Alice D. Contreras Elementary, Western Hills Elementary, and Bonnie Brae Elementary


Serving dates and times for each campus may vary. For more information visit or call the district’s child nutrition department at (817) 814-3540 or (817) 814-3500.


  1. Unfortunately with the FWISD you have to question why they are doing something but in this case it is the absolutely best and right thing that the district can do. For too many of the districts students these may be the only meals they get.