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The Weather Channel has bowed to the viral weight of Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns after it crossed Twitter swords with him this week.

The station is making changes based on the councilman’s complaints about the station’s app using Dallas photos in Fort Worth forecasts.  The station has also apologized and is giving money to two of Burns’ favorite causes.

“Our app development team is working on expanding the photos shown for user locations which are also weather triggered,” said Weather Channel spokesman David Blumenthal.  “We expect to see the change soon but it is not yet complete.  And we are making donations to two of the charities suggested by Councilman Burns — the Trevor Project and the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.”

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Burns had kvetched on Twitter to The Weather Channel and, frustrated by a lack of response, threatened to abandon them.

“Dear @weatherchannel I SWEAR I’m deleting your aggravating app if you don’t STOP SHOWING DALLAS pics for Fort Worth,” he tweeted.

The station did the dumbest thing it could do –– it mocked Burns for his “It Gets Better” anti-bullying speech from 2010, which went viral and became a rallying cry for gay youth across the country.

“@JoelBurns Sorry to see you go. Good luck on ending bullying,” The Weather Channel tweeted back.

Burns’ social media followers went on a frenzy, the national and international media picked up the story, and The Weather Channel set a land speed record for backpedaling: “@JoelBurns we apologize for our reply this morning. Our response was inappropriate & we’re taking steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

Another viral victory for Burns!