On Thursday, June 5, Lon Burnam announced that he will not take his lawsuit–which dealt with how mail-in ballot applications were acquired in the recent Democratic primary–to the federal level, ending three months of contention with the primary winner, Ramon Romero, Jr.

In a statement to his supporters, Burnam, subject of this week’s cover story, Losing Lon, noted that “I will continue to work for the people of Texas, and against special economic interests seeking to victimize them.”

Romero responded with a press release of his own, which began “The election-challenge has been dismissed and it’s time to unite as one.”


Romero thanked Burnam for his 18 years as Fort Worth’s representative in Austin and promised to work hard for the people of District 90. Romero, who is running unchallenged for Burnam’s former seat, also promised to work had to get Democrats elected this Fall. “[W]e must unite to elect Democrats in November because the stakes are too high for our children.”
Lon: Thanks for all your work.
Ramon: Good luck. Work hard.


  1. We’ll miss you Lon. Of course your job has been mostly tilting at windmills, since the radical Republican right has controlled every lever and purse-string in Texas for what seems like an eternity, and of course they will continue to so for what most likely will be the rest of my life, since I am in my 60s.

    Of course I remember Doyle Willis, whom you replaced. A proud Democrat who represented the working class and their interests, he was not a wholly owned cog in the machinery of the rich, the polluters, the religious nut-jobs, and the racists. You continued a proud tradition.

    Someday, after I am gone or vegetating in a nursing home, the average, low-income, paycheck-to-paycheck, hard-working people whose kids need god public schools, whose families need affordable access to health care, whose modest neighborhoods need good government services that the new radical right likes to call socialism, someday they may realize that they can actually take back the government of this state from the nuts, xenophobes, oligarchs, and peddlers of fear. That they can have a government which works to actually help them, and isn’t just a mechanism to throw them in jail, funnel money to the corporations that already have almost all of it, bleed their neighborhood schools dry and then call them failures, tell them to go to the emergency room when they need a doctor, or tell them to suck it up when they can’t find work or live on their income when they are already working two and three jobs at third-world wages.

    Someday, the Republican strategy of getting people to vote for them because they should be afraid of brown people, queer people, people who want to steal their money or daughters, and people who don’t believe in their god will peter out. Someday.

  2. Lon did more than tilt at windmills, he helped raise awareness of issues that otherwise would not have been known or discussed in public. He educated his constituents. He gave us information and asked the right questions. Moreover, he’s probably not done yet. I predict he will be back to haunt the evildoers in Texas.