Forty-eight bands, all from the great 817 and all nominees in Fort Worth Weekly’s 17th Annual Music Awards, will converge on eight venues in the West 7th Street corridor at 4 p.m. on Sunday, June 22, as part of the Weekly’s 12th Annual Music Awards Festival. Admission is free, but bring your foldin’ money for some cold, frosty beverages and for copies of Frequencies, Vol. 5. Recorded mostly live one May weekend at Eagle Audio Recording on the Near Southside, the album features 12 new or previously unrecorded tracks from select nominees, including Ronnie Heart, FOGG, and Slumberbuzz. Proceeds from the $5 sale of the disc will go to this year’s charity sponsor, the Tarrant Area Food Bank.


Capital Bar (3017 Morton St., 817-820-0049): Joey Green Band (9 p.m.), Kevin Aldridge & The Appraisers (8 p.m.), Mills & Co. (7 p.m.), Big City Folk (6 p.m.), Devin Leigh (5 p.m.), Green Light Pistol (4 p.m.).



Fred’s Texas Café (915 Currie St., 817-332-0083): Secret Ghost Champion, Patriot, Igneous Grimm, Walker & The Texas Dangers, The Diabolical Machines, Lazy Summer.

The Grotto (517 University Dr., 817-882-9331): Un Chien, Slumberbuzz, Vicious Firs, The Dangits, Stone Machine Electric, Huffer.


Lola’s Saloon (2736 W. 6th St., 817-877-0666): Quaker City Night Hawks, Telegraph Canyon, Pinkish Black, The Me-Thinks, Jetta in the Ghost Tree, Duell.


Magnolia Motor Lounge (3005 Morton St., 817-332-3344): Oil Boom, Foxtrot Uniform, Ronnie Heart, Jody Jones, The Royal Savages, Day Waster.


Poag Mahone’s (700 Carroll St., 817-529-9141): War Party, Ice Eater, Son of Stan, The Fibs, Nathan Brown, Tidals.

The Pour House (2725 W. 7th St., 817-335-2527): The Hanna Barbarians, The Longshots, Missing Sibling, FOGG, Toy Gun, Jack Thunder & The Road Soda.


Rodeo Goat (2836 Bledsoe St., 817-877-4628): Panic Volcanic, Animal Spirit, Lindby, Dru B Shinin’, Leon Bridges, MidWay.


For your convenience, we will publish a fancy pocket guide in next week’s issue (June 18) that will include the schedule, the addresses and phone numbers of the venues, a map, band bios, and more. See ya on Sunday, June 22.


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