Offerings like the grilled chicken plate with house sage butter, rice pilaf, and veggies prove that there’s more to Dalton’s Corner than foot-high beers. Lee Chastain
Offerings like the grilled chicken plate with house sage butter, rice pilaf, and veggies prove that there’s more to Dalton’s Corner than foot-high beers. Lee Chastain

Dalton’s Corner in Burleson was once a hot and happenin’ nightspot, attracting teens from all over North Texas by offering dancing, mechanical bull-riding, games, and live music –– at one point, a little band called the Red Hot Chili Peppers performed there as part of an MTV event.

But that was 30-plus years ago. Now Dalton’s is an adult-friendly bar and grill. A group of Burleson High School alumni bought the Dalton’s name in 2012. Since the original location is occupied by a Babe’s Chicken outlet, the group found a new place about a block away.

Dalton’s humble facade belies its vast interior. The one large, high-ceilinged room is partitioned into smaller dining areas with a bar, TVs all around, two pool tables, and a couple of video games. Out back is a breezy covered patio with a small stage.


A guest and I went for lunch on a Sunday afternoon, and from our first few moments inside, we were convinced that Dalton’s is more about booze than food. We had to wait a good 10 minutes to get a server’s attention –– it seemed as if the entire staff was focused on the action at the bar, where draft beers in foot-tall glasses were being poured. And happily consumed.

Still, the food part of the equation is more than respectable. We started with the sampler. The smoked-cheese queso was like a barbecue version of the Mexican staple, smoky and tangy. The savory chicken in the poppers (bacon-wrapped chunks of bird and jalapeño) was nicely complemented by a sweet reddish-orange sauce. Though the beer-battered cheese sticks were rather bland, the juicy, gooey Good Ole Mushrooms (caps stuffed with a blend of sausage and cheese and baked) were exceptional enough to order as an entrée.

The bacon cheeseburger or BHS Burger wasn’t anything special but had the requisite amount of juiciness and peppery kick. The accompanying seasoned waffle fries really stood out. They had a nice, crisp shell and were warm and creamy inside.

On the recommendation of our waitress, we also tried the Barnett Shale Pasta, penne but with a Texas twist. Along with roasted garlic, romano and asiago cheeses, white wine, and cream, the noodles were loaded with bacon and jalapeños. Though incredibly flavorful, the dish, which came with two slices of buttery garlic toast, was entirely too rich and dense to finish in one sitting. Or three.

Dalton’s Corner also has the Coach Gilbert Filet, a slab of hand-cut beef tenderloin named after the late and beloved local high school football coach, and the Mony Mony — a burger with caramelized jalapeños, onions, and cheddar cheese — named for the old rock ’n’ roll hit covered in 1987 by Billy Idol, who, natch, once performed at Dalton’s Corner. That and a bunch of other chef-inspired creations sound much more mouthwatering than a foot-high beer.




Dalton’s Corner

200 Main St, Burleson. 817-295-5456. 8am-12am Sun, 11am-12am Mon-Wed, 11am-2am Thu, 8am-2am Fri-Sat. All major credit cards accepted.

Dalton’s Sampler ……. $12.95

Barnett Shale Pasta.. $11.95

The BHS Burger ……… $8.95




  1. I love that place! Grew up hanging out at the original. We have been a few times and the food is always good and not too expensive! We always get steak.