The li'l Stooge band will kick out the jams Saturday at the Shine in Arlington.

Editor’s note: The following are in addition to Exit 380’s vinyl release at House of Blues Friday and Stumptone’s last full-band show of the summer tonight (Thursday) at Lola’s Saloon.

1.) The last time Stoogeaphilia performed was March 1, 2013, at The Grotto, said guitarist Ken Shimamoto, but the proto-punk repertory band that also features Pinkish Black drummer Jon Teague and, on lead vocals, Me-Thinks bassist Ray Liberio is ready for the stage again, this time at the Sunshine Bar (902 W. Division St., Arlington, 817-277-6252) on Saturday night as part of a Benefit for Marley. Marley is a 3-year-old girl whose mother, Taylor Hyden, recently died, leaving her in the care of the mother’s mother –– the boy’s grandmother, Cindy Brown, a.k.a. Killer –– who’s been bartending at the Shine, said bartender Matt Day, off and on since the 1980s. Donations, Day said, will cover medical bills, the funeral, and other expenses related to Taylor’s death.


Based on two recent rehearsals, the li’l Stooge band, according to Shimamoto via Teague, sounds like “the old, fun, drunk Stoogeaphilia that used to play The Wreck Room.” Good news.

2.) Friday night, Lola’s Saloon (2736 W. 6th St., 817-877-0666) will be the site of Dead Vinyl’s debut show. Featuring ex-members of Sonic Buffalo, including frontman Tac Willy, an ex-member of The Frisky Disco, and a current member of Panic Volcanic, DV does loud, furious garage-rock. Think: The Hanna Barbarians on meth or maybe Raging Boner with Paul Byrd on lead.

“The band started because I asked [bassist] Zach Tucker and [drummer] Val Hajro to jam one night five about five months ago, and we haven’t stopped since,” said lead guitarist Tyler Vela.

Check out this three-song demo that Vela and company recorded at Green Audio Productions with producer Ben Napier not too long ago. It’s pretty hot shit.

Panic Volcanic, The Sideshow Tragedy, Black James Franco, and The Outliers round out the bill. Cover is $8-10.

3.) The Faces’ keyboardist is in Dallas, playing Friday night at The Kessler Theater (1230 W. Davis St., 214-272-8346), and if this doesn’t at least make it move a little, you are officially on rock ’n ’roll life support. Also known as Rod Stewart’s breakout band (sorry, Jeff Beck Group), Faces were absolute monsters, capable of conjuring vibes as soulful and bluesy as they were nearly head-bangable.

Not only are very few bands doing bristling, bluesy, metallic rock these days, but very few bands can.

Keyboardist Ian McLagan was responsible for a lot of Faces’ heart, and his style should dovetail nicely with easily Fort Worth’s most soulful rock exports, Quaker City Night Hawks, who’ll be opening the show.

4.) This Friday and Saturday is the inaugural Monkfest at The Chuggin’ Monk (2301 N. Collins St., Arlington, 817-461-1420). Along with headliners Spoonfed Tribe, Cleanup, and Dead Mockingbirds, the bill also includes Vicious Firs, The Boss Level, The Phantom Sensation, The Oregon Trailers, The Royal Savages, Catamaran, Kasual Relapse, and veteran Fort Worth pop-rock singer-songwriter Nathan Brown.

Cover is $8-10.

5.) I know what you haters are thinking –– “Rock and Roll Over is probably better than KISS,” meaning that everyone is better than KISS –– but since your hateration has apparently clouded your good judgment, allow me to inform you that your 10-year-old self is going unloved and underappreciated and that he or she needs the kind of love and appreciation that can come only from loud, poppy, hard-driving songs about plaster casts of penises, pedophilia, gods of thunder, bathroom sex, whatever the hell deuces are, fiery car wrecks, and all other manner of bombastic juvenilia. Simply put, you owe it to him or her to pilot your vehicle to House of Blues (2200 N. Lamar St., Dallas, 214-978-BLUE) tonight (Thursday) for what will undoubtedly be a spirited and eerily transportative performance by Rock and Roll Over, Ratt tribute artists Infestation, and the Def Leppard tribute Hysteria.

And if this doesn’t make it move a little, you are officially rock ’n’ roll dead.