Fort Worth artist Neal Langham helps brew the first batch of Visionary Brew at Rahr.

Rahr’s annual Visionary Brew is on the way.

Brewed in celebration of our annual Visionary Awards, three $500 cash prizes awarded to three outstanding up-and-coming artists of various disciplines as chosen by a large committee, the beer is adorned with a label designed by an up-and-coming graphic artist and chosen by Rahr & Sons Brewing Co. CEO and founder Fritz Rahr as part of an open contest.

Of the dozens of entries we receive, we narrow down the field to about a dozen and display them at the Visionary Awards party. For our third annual event this year, we once again piled into Artspace 111, where Fort Worth pop stylist Son of Stan performed, where we handed out checks to our three Visionaries –– theater director Adam Adolfo, visual artist Bradly Brown, and the art collective HOMECOMING! Committee –– and where Fritz selected a painting of a delightfully macabre three-eyed scarecrow by Fort Worth artist Neal Langham as the winning label.

Here’s a mockup of Rahr’s Visionary Brew.

“This year’s label is going to look fantastic!” said Jeff Wood, who’s responsible for graphic design and product development at Rahr.

As part of winning the contest, the designer is invited to participate in the brewing process. A couple of weeks ago, Langham joined Rahr’s brewers to do some mixing and stirring, and now Rahr’s 2014 Visionary Brew is brewed and sitting in a fermenting tank. Rahr will begin bottling next week. The pumpkin ale will be available in 22-ounce bottles at most liquor stores and craft beer shops where Rahr products are typically sold, Wood said. Select Fort Worth bars also will carry the beer on tap. For updates, follow Rahr on Facebook or join the brewery’s weekly newsletter, The Rahr Guard.