You have to wonder if old-school stage magicians ever resent the internationally hyped creators of spectacle like David Copperfield and his spawn, which include Criss Angel, David Blaine, and the British performer Dynamo. Audiences are no longer satisfied with Indian rope tricks and escape boxes –– they want to see global monuments disappear, or at the very least, they thrill to the “endurance artist” feats of Blaine and Dynamo, who (spectators are assured) really could die while being chained for 48 hours in piranha-filled vats of molten lava. Pity the man or woman who learned small-scale sleights of hand, attention distractions, and other forms of artful legerdermain passed down through many, many generations.

Or, don’t pity them: The Texas Association of Magicians will hold its annual convention –– the organization’s 69th such event, thank you very much –– in Fort Worth this upcoming weekend. The biggest events open to the general public are two showcases of internationally recognized performers called “Magic for Miracles I & II.” They happen 8pm Sat Aug 30 & Sun Aug 31 at Casa Manana (3101 W Lancaster). Each evening has a different bill of performers; both are vaudeville-style grab bags of magicians, ventriloquists, hypnotists, shadow artists, storytellers, and other professional beguilers. Proceeds from the Casa shows benefit Cook Children’s Hospital.