Not many people gave Democratic candidate Ann Richards a prayer of winning the Texas gubernatorial race in 1990 against the deep-pocketed Republican rancher Clayton Williams. But Richards pulled off a victory and became only the second woman to serve as Texas governor. Now Wendy Davis wants to become the third woman governor, and she’s getting help from Richards’ daughter, Cecile.

Cecile sent out a recent e-mail encouraging voters to elect Davis, and in it she took a swipe at news media.

“This time 24 years ago, my mother Ann Richards was 27 points down in her race for Texas governor,” she wrote. “As the Associated Press pointed out in a story dated Aug. 21, 1990, she was ‘outspent, out-advertised, and trailing in the polls.’ As a matter of fact, we never had a poll that showed her winning. But come election day, that’s just what she did.”


The news media typically underestimates the power of a grassroots campaign — “and they’re doing it again with Wendy,” Richards said.

Fortunately for Richards, she was running against a political novice in Williams, who blew his chance at becoming governor by opening his pie hole unwisely too many times, including when he made a joke about rape.

Davis is running against Greg Abbott, a slick politician who’s committed a couple of campaign screwups (hello, Ted Nugent!) but isn’t likely to pull “a Claytie” and say anything outrageous enough to blow the election. Davis will have to win this one on her own merits, and enlisting the offspring of Richards isn’t a bad move.



Its Own Reward

These days it’s tough to get kids involved in anything that doesn’t involve a hashtag or a selfie. That’s what makes the work done by Don Young and the Friends of the Tandy Hills Natural Area so remarkable. Their Kids on the Prairie program has introduced a number of Fort Worth students to one of the city’s last remaining patches of natural prairie. The Native Plant Society of Texas, a statewide environmental nonprofit, noticed the program and recognized Young and company with its 2014 Native Star Award for outstanding preservation of native plants.

Does the award mean that the small patch of prairie on the East Side will be permanently protected from the depredations of developers and gas drillers? Probably not. But it’s nice for the Tandy Hills crew to get some recognition for fending off those forces as long as they have, so the next generation of Don Youngs can get interested in preserving the land. #itsnicetobenoticed


  1. Davis doesn’t have a chance because she and Van Pulte do not have an agenda other than giving away tax payer money to their own constituent groups.

    • You ilustrate the very mentality why this individual woman should not be elected to any office, yet alone our state’s highest. I already pay mid 5 figures annually in taxes, you want to tell me how to spend the rest of the money I earn? Thanks for that, you’re really swell.

      • I feel your pain. Property taxes and sales taxes are huge (and out of control) in Texas. Bond issues are routinely passed by voters who have no skin in the game –and for what, exactly? Instead of spending on teachers in our district we got a new high school “entertainment complex” (incidentally the contract was given to a no-bid crony contractor friend of one of the school board members). Also a new stadium snack bar was constructed. Friends of mine who are teachers have to grapple with nearly illiterate section 8 welfare parents–most of whom moved here from a crime ridden blue state city. Also illegal alien kids with little parental interest who have serious behavioral issues or worse are almost impossible to teach. Property owners and small business owners are hampered by increasing state govt regulations enforced by truly nasty state employees. I would say that Davis’ and Fed Up’s definition of “people who really need” my tax dollars doesn’t appear reasonable to me.

  2. “Davis will have to win this one on her own merits”

    And this is the very reason why she will not, Tarrant County knows better and Texas certainly will. We cannot afford this lady.

  3. Whining, greed-head Peckerwoods…boo-hoo, boo-hoo. You need to take something for it. Grow up, decent Americans are disgusted with your greed.

      • Why don’t you get a decent job Slick, and amount to something? My heart is breaking, worrying about you poor old mistreated greed-heads. Are you one of those half-wit Star-Telegram flunkies? What do you eat?

    • “You need to take something for it.”

      And what do you suggest I take for it? Unemployment? Welfare? Or some other form of hand-out I am not entitled to?

      “decent Americans are disgusted with your greed”

      It’s not greed, I would just like to have the capability to direct any charitable or philanthropic dollars I spend where I wish to. I earned the money, don’t you think I should have some say in how it’s given away? And hey there Mr. Decent American, what makes me and others like me so damn special that we get the glorious opportunity to pay excessive amounts of tax to the Federal Government because we happen to have worked hard, applied ourselves, and earned it? I wish someone could explain it to me in plain english; why do I pay a higher RATE OF TAX if I earn more and a lower rate if I earn less. Is it based on supposed “ability to pay”? Next thing you’re going to tell me is a loaf of bread is going to cost me 7 dollars and others 1 dollar, yeah that’s fair and equitable.

      • It’s greed. You are a greed-head and Tea-Bagging Peckerwood. You’re one of the hammer-headed heros that shut the United States of America down, could’t pay it’s obligations. America’s jails and nut-houses contain much more decent citizens than you Baggers. Your feet stink, you’re more rotten than TV Evangelist.

  4. Townzee….A well respected guy once insisted that it was in giving that we recieve. The hammer-heads that comment best thinking simply says hooray for me…screw you. I just returned from the valley, a few miles from Brownwood. All along the Rio Grande there were hundreds…probably thousands of Baggers and knuckleheads and half-wits camped out with tents and booze and automatic weapons and pistols, Jeeps and tents everywhere. Idiots, black-hearted bastards, half-wits, knuckle-heads. I watched them looking through binoculars, scratching their butts while sucking on a Lone Star and telling lies to one another. Vicious, greed-head heathens every single Repug. They were in the stores and cafes, many of them in pick-ups from Wisconson, Colorado, and Utah. I suspect they were the same fools we saw on T.V. that the Feds had a stand-off with on T.V. a month or two ago. I feel confident some hard luck children are going to die. It’s greed. You are losers.

  5. You still here? Don’t you have some panhandling to do? You don’t want to miss all the people going to WORK at their JOBS where they earn enough money to support themselves, you and your fellow members of the “where’s my hand-out” group. Don’t even start with me on “giving”, I probably give more time and money in a month than you do in 3 lifetimes and I would and could give alot more if the Federal Government didn’t take it from me to feed, house, and clothe you. I’ve enjoyed this little battle of wits with an unarmed man here but you see I have to go back to work now, where shall I send your check?

  6. I can tell you why no one concerned with the state of education in Fort Worth should vote for Davis in four letters: FWISD. When the scandals first broke five years ago, who did Melody Johnson call on to actually instruct senior FWISD officials on how not to respond to Open Records Requests coming from among others, the late, great, Betty Brink? You got it. None other than Wendy Davis! No less than five employees and parents I know went to Wendy Davis and spoke with her senior staff, BEGGING them to get the FBI, somebody, ANYBODY in to investigate Needham and FWISD. What was the result? Crickets that’s what. She is a fraud. I hope that the FEDs break the FWISD bubble before the election so that she is exposed for the fraud she is when it comes to education. Wow. Come to think of it, That would make a great Abbott commercial wouldn’t it? Wonder if they are reading this.

    • Just another reason why she will not win. Remember, in 2012 Fort worth District 10 had a chance to vote for someone other that Davis but did not–guess you can thank Bud Kennedy and the FWST for that debacle.

  7. We can really thank Kim Brimer for Ms. Davis; he ran a lackluster campaign, took her for granted, and then took her to court which only managed to draw more attention to her and made him (who I like just fine by the way) look like a crybaby. I miss Kim in SD10 and I bet I’m not alone.

    Another publication here in the metroplex, one I don’t typically read, nor will my loyalty to cowtown permit me to mention by name, published the following article on the 13th.

    • A Democrat corruptly voted to enrich himself/herself, and this surprises you? It’s almost as amazing as Hillary saying that she was “broke”.