ALISON MCQUEEN (courtesy McQueen's Kickstarter page)

A Fort Worth woman’s idea for crowdfunding a new book earned it a Kickstarter Staff Pick designation.

Alison McQueen, 23, is writing Insider’s Game in a genre known as New Adult fiction that bridges the gap between Young Adult and Adult fiction. Her Kickstarter campaign began Sunday and runs through April 15 in an attempt to raise $20,000.

Donors who provide $100 or so can get their name mentioned somewhere in the book, maybe as the name on a storefront or something. But for a large donation, McQueen will use your name for one of the book’s characters.

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If her book becomes a hit, your name could live in infamy right up there alongside Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

(Fifty Shades of Prince has a nice ring to it.)

McQueen said she’s offering the chance to “be a part of a story we believe has the same potential to draw in our generation.”

This is McQueen’s first foray into crowdfunding. She’s been shaping the characters in her book since she was 16, and says she is ready to release them into the world.

“It’s amazing, exciting, terrifying and downright scary, all at the same time,” she says on her Kickstarter page.