Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham make like suave secret agents in Spy.


Okay, that’s more like it. That thought kept running through my head while I was watching Spy. You see, Melissa McCarthy’s post-Bridesmaids career as a leading lady has not been a story of untrammeled success. She kept playing sad, borderline pathological cases (Identity Thief, Tammy). Her work as a cop in The Heat was closer to the mark but still not where we needed it to be. Now her frequent director Paul Feig has finally provided her with the star vehicle that she needed, and the result is the funniest comedy so far this summer.

She portrays Susan Cooper, a CIA technician who communicates by headset with one of the agency’s top operatives Bradley (Jude Law) while he’s in the field and enables him to be a superspy. That position unfortunately gives her a front-row seat when Bulgarian terrorist arms dealer Rayna Boyanov (Rose Byrne) gets the drop on Bradley and kills him. With the villainess in possession of all the other field agents’ identities, Susan volunteers to go undercover herself to find out how Rayna is planning to acquire a nuclear warhead and maybe avenge Bradley too.

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  1. Curious how it shows you gave the film a ‘negative’ rating on rottentomatoes, but here you laud it with praise.

    My understanding is 6/10 is all that’s required of a ‘fresh’ tomato rating , but your review doesn’t share your actual rating. That type of praise and a 5/10 or less seems impossible 😛

    Error? Clearly. I’d say you gave it closer to a 8/10.