HUDSON MOORE IS AT LEVITT PAVILION TONIGHT. (photo courtesy Hudson Moore web site)

Ag Commissioner Wants Your Children Dead
Does the state’s new agricultural commissioner own stock in Crisco? Sid Miller took the unusual step of repealing the state’s ban on deep fryers in public schools, and eased up on restrictions about putting soft drinks in campus vending machines. Health and nutrition experts aren’t happy. But your French-fry eating, Sprite-slurping children are ecstatic. At least until their arteries clog.

I-35 Not Playing Nice
Highway construction along I-35 is a necessary evil, but evil nonetheless. Tonight the highway will be closed completely near N.E. 28th Street. Only the service roads will be open to traffic. Sounds like fun, if you’re idea of fun is sitting and staring at red taillights. But don’t worry, by 2018 they’ll have added toll lanes so you can pay for the right to drive that congested stretch of asphalt hell.

I-35 Still Not Playing Nice
If you manage to get past N.E. 28th Street heading north and make it to Oklahoma, you’ll have more highway fun. I-35 is closed from Ardmore to David due to high water and a rock slide.


Dez Makes Appearance, Angels Sing
The Dallas Cowboys aren’t the same team without wideout Dez Bryant, who wants a new contract with lots of zeros. While Dez holds out and he and owner Jerry Jones do their dollar dance, fans chew their fingernails and wonder if this suddenly magical team will suffer from nasty negotiations and lost practice time. Will Dez sit out the season opener? Would he sit out a season? After all, he’s been insulted with a $12.8 million franchise tag that pays him well for one year but offers no long-term paychecks. Oh well, at least he’s making appearances at practice. It’s obvious he’s chomping at the bit to get a deal signed and get back on the field, so maybe things will work out. If not, well, as good as Dez is — and he is great – we still have Cole Beasley, so eat a dick, Dez!

Hudson Moore Comes Home
Talented singer-songwriter and electric guitar slanger (and Fort Worth native) Hudson Moore is headlining a free show tonight at Levitt Pavilion, 100 W. Abram St. in Arlington. The show begins at 8 p.m. Moore topped the Texas Music Chart in 2012 with “Fireworks” and the Country Music Association named him to the “Who’s New To Watch” list in 2013.