Static doesn’t hate guns. Static even likes to shoot them sometimes. But Static knows that the two bills signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott on Saturday are ticking time bombs.

The first bill involves open carry. That means people with concealed handgun permits can now go where they please strapped down on their hips or shoulders.

The second bill is the campus-carry law, which will minimally allow students and professors to openly carry guns on the campuses of public universities and community colleges, as well as in dorms and classrooms. Private universities and colleges might be next.

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Static could be snide and suggest that college loan officers had better be armed for their own good, but we won’t do that. We will say that these laws are pushing the Second Amendment far from its roots. Does anyone really think that college kids, who drink and do drugs to excess as the norm and who have raging hormones, should be packin’ heat? Does anyone think that’s a good idea? The NRA does, of course, but then they’re in the business of making money from gun sales and ratcheting up fear to unimaginable levels to do that.

So here’s the real picture. A kid with such low self-esteem and confidence that he/she needs to walk around strapped approaches a professor who’s just given him or her an “F.”  Picture that kid after a dozen shots of tequila.

“Hey, prof!” the kid sneers. “You gave me a freaking F in romance literature? Well, F you!” Boom.

But wait! Maybe the prof is also carrying. “You little bastard,” the old timer groans, clutching his bloody chest while sinking to the hallway tile. “Eat lead!”

And so on. You get the picture.

But this isn’t the worst of it. Let’s be honest. This law is for white people only. Do not think otherwise. You see six black 18-year-olds going anywhere in public with pistols or semi-automatic weapons, and there’s going to be major drama. If not several body bags.

Gun lovers say the new laws will protect people. Right. All they’re doing is bringing back the Wild Wild West.

It’s interesting that the bills were signed into law just four days before a crazy white racist fatally shot nine black members of a historical evangelical church in Charleston, S.C. Former Texas governor and current Republication presidential hopeful Rick Perry went on air two days later and called the shooting an “accident” while blaming –– who else? –– Obama.

“This is the M.O. of this administration anytime there’s an accident like this,” Perry said. “He doesn’t like for Americans to have guns.”

This was not an accident. This was homegrown terrorism and a very clear hate crime. Perry later corrected his remarks, explaining in a statement that he meant “incident,” not “accident.”

And that was more than an “oops” moment. That was a denial moment.


  1. Gov. Greg Abbott is a Tea-Bagging Peckerwood, nothing new to see here. Additionally, the entire state of Texas, as we all know, contains more Tea-Bagging Peckerwoods than it does normal, thoughtful citizens. The Southern Baptist Convention came into being specifically to exclude Negros. These people maintained Negros lacked a soul, and that Negros were similar to coyotes or maybe chickens in their keen religious insight. These deep-thinking bigots have the same privileges and perogatives as normal Texas citizens but their brains apear to be ossified and they outnumber thinking folks. Here’s my question…what do normal, kind-hearted citizens need to do to begin teaching the truth of where we came from and where we stand today? Why is our history hidden by the black-hearted knuckle-heads? How can we progress if we hide the truth? Whose on first? Who gives a flip? What do the knuckle-headed Tea-Party fools suggest? How many of these heros are members of Fort Worth’s Police Department? Why don’t we ask them? Well???

  2. Being dubious, in fact, I suspect is the least of your problems and no other denomination was formed SPECIFICALLY to insist that Negroid humans were in fact inhuman. Only Southern Baptist were this wicked and malignant and up until today they remain predominently racist Peckerwoods and last time I checked it was by an unusually large margin. Check today and see how many of the bigots are on the Texas School Board selecting our school books. O.K.? The Denomination made a one sentence apology back in the 1990’s but I don’t believe they have ever had but one black student in their Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. That black man was a friend of mine and he had no desire to make a racist Peckerwood preacher, I assure you of that. He told me that he believed the Peckerwoods would have a little trouble getting into Heaven and I agree with him. Where do you get I asked you for sympathy, you got your lights on? I thanked you so that I continue to like my own self. I find your stupidity and arrogance inglorious at best.

  3. It seems some are making this out to be a Racist thing already; talking about the black church shooting, But nothing about the shooting in Dallas last week; Of a road rage shooting with a middle aged black male with a gun and HCL. He had a clean record up until he did that. Again with unprovoked attack of a white girl holding a baby in the park attacked by a crowd of blacks youths. Do you call this civilized ? We don’t have a Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson, Obama to protect us ! I’m not racist; just pointing out the facts ! No one can get a HCL if they have a history of violence white or black. One other point I want to make; Taking all the weapons out of society, will only make the crime rate go up sharply. This has been proven over and over. Look at the Countries that have done this. We lose our liberties, and the government takes over. Is that what you want ?

    • Did you turn out to be a bad-breathed Bagger Peckerwood citizen in addition to the other countless hammer-heads Marty. You were raised better than that, why do you hate Fort Worth? Poor Baby, boo-hoo…boo…hoo.

    • Are you the gay, Leonard Bros. Marty on the Tarrant County Water Board? What do you eat? Your mama have any girls worth a flip?

  4. You’re so right, Marty. You know the author’s imagined six 18-year-old black men carrying guns in public — the author says they’ll end up in body bags because of campus-carry and open-carry, laws the author says are written for whites — these young black men are far more likely to be killed by each other or other young black men than to be killed by whites. But that doesn’t fit the Left’s narrative. The Left will continue with its claim of pervasive anti-black racism perpetrated by evil Republicans, and which only a vote for Hillary Clinton will avert — never mind the fact that blacks as a demographic have already suffered unbearably under a Democratic president who, for the first two years of his term, controlled BOTH houses of Congress.

    • Yeah, and Peckerwoods killed twenty-two times more Peckerwoods and other Anglos than Negroid citizens did….what do you eat? What causes your knee-deep stupidity and malevolence? I expect it’s the same causation as your rotten teeth, stinking feet, and inability to play basketball or dance properly. You think? Fool. Dip-stick. Black folks will continue to prefer to have little use for Tea-Bagging half-wits and other greed-heads and jerk-offs, I expect. You need to take your meds cowboy.