THIS YOUNG WOMAN FROM RURAL IRAN IS NOW OUR FRIEND. (photo courtesy of wikipedia).

Iran Agrees To Nuclear Deal
The Middle East is saved! No more terrorism! No more violence! No more war! Well, that might be overstating Iran’s agreement to curb its nuclear program. But it’s a start.

All Hail Sid Bass!
Sometimes the billionaire Bass family can get a little pushy with its ideas for making Fort Worth great. But it’s hard not to bow down and kiss Sid Bass’s feet over his latest plan – investing a bunch of money to save Blue Bell ice cream!

Former Houston Texan Drowned At Lake Lavon
Emergency officials recovered the body of JaJuan Dawson late last night at Lake Lavon. Dawson played four years as a wide receiver in the NFL, including a stint with the Houston Texans. He was 37.


Today’s Youth Not Going To Pot
With pot being decriminalized and legalized more and more across this great land, young teenagers could be looking forward to long lives filled with stoned, lightly productive days, countless boxes of sugary cereals, and a never-ending supply of bizarre, random thoughts. But they’re just saying “no” according to a new study.

Drought Persists…In One Tiny Spot
After many weeks of rains and floods that would startle even Noah himself, Texas has shaken off the drought that dogged us for a decade. Except  there’s one little place up in the northwest tip of the panhandle that’s still categorized as being in a severe drought. Go figure.


  1. “Blue Bell is the quality leader in the ice cream industry. We believe quality is the principle attribute that ensures the success, growth and longevity of a business.” …Except for the “food poisoning” thing. Except for THAT. Blue Bell ice cream lowered their quality in favor of massive profits about 25 years ago. They are not worth saving.

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