For this week’s installment of the Weekly’s concert preview series, we discussed tomorrow’s Summerthon with Jordan Richardson a.k.a Son of Stan and the top of the Wizardvizion totem (and Fort Worth Weekly scribe) Steve Steward. It was hot outside, so the two lads did the interview in an above-ground pool set up on S&R’s patio, all the while rubbing themselves down with Wizardvizion brand sun screen.

The party starts at 1pm tomorrow at S&R (201 S. Calhoun St.), and the duo promised jello shots, several other swimming pools, bikini and speedo contests, and a ton of killer bands, including Son of Stan, Bummer Vacation, Blue the Misfit, Squanto, Topic, Duell, and more! For the full lineup, check out the venue’s website or just watch this video, in which Son of Stan performs in a creepy mask. [We experienced some light wind outside that messed with our mic, so please excuse some of the audio].