Developers Back In Action
The Big Recession hit seven years ago, and now developers are itching to turn dirt and spend money again. WFAA says Fort Worth has had its busiest year development wise since the bottom fell out in 2007-08. And now everything is great unless you’re invested in the stock market, gold, China, baseball cards, or Bill Cosby.

Taxpayers Just Happy To Be Here
Fort Worth folks say everything is groovy, man. The taxes we pay are a good value for what we get, although there is some room for improvement in areas, particularly streets and traffic. But 93 percent of those surveyed say they enjoy their quality of life and feel safe and satisfied. A Kansas-based group surveyed 1,685 people residents … apparently in an opium den.

Woman Steals A Million Bucks, Buys Skate Rink
A woman is in the Tarrant County jail, accused of stealing $940,000 from her former Bedford employer. Police believe the former payroll clerk at Ameritrans Inc. used some of the money to buy House of Quad, a roller derby facility in Denton where the North Texas Derby Revolution League performs. Bottom line: forget plastics. Roller derby rinks are the hot new investment.


Hope DeHart And The Beatles Live On
A teenaged girl who was shot and left for dead beside a road is improving faster than expected, and Hope DeHart’s relatives are calling her a miracle. Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s senior photographer Joyce Marshall captured an intriguing interview with relatives beside the girl’s hospital bed. At one point, DeHart writes on paper: “All you really need is love love love.”

Jerry Jones Hosting Fund Raiser For Chris Christie
Jerry Jones is hosting a fundraiser for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who is apparently running for president but nobody knows because Donald Trump gets all the attention. People used to think Christie was a blowhard, but he and most other Republican candidates have been blown out of the picture by Trump, the hardest blowing blowhard of all.