Rahr & Sons Brewing Company has a one-off on the shelves that isn’t to be missed. As part of its limited release To Thee series, Rahr head brewer Craig Mycoskie and the boys over there have cooked up one heavenly ale. The IPA’s moniker, DRAHTHAAR, sounds like the name of one of Godzilla’s arch nemeses and, sure enough, it is a heavy hitter.

In beersplain, it’s an imperial India pale ale with a 9.2 ABV and 85 IBUs. In mansplain, it’s a robust pale ale that’s boozy and complex, with not-so-subtle grapefruit-y notes and a strong, hop-forward profile. It smells like a batch of lemon and orange peels that was steeped in hot water for a good long while. The ale is currently making its way to specialty stores.

However you ’splain it, this beer is strong and tasty. Congrats to Kevin McCampbell for winning a bomber and two specialty pint glasses.

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