K-Scrib Vows To Marshal Fort Worth Schools
Kent Scribner, or K-Scrib as no one calls him, is making it clear he’s the new sheriff in town. The Fort Worth Independent School District’s brand new superintendent has, in effect, pushed his way through saloon doors, lit a pencil thin cigar while the noisy bar slowly fell into a hush, slowly raised his head so that the revelers could see the steely squint in his eyes, and told everybody to turn in their guns and keep their noses clean or else. In movies with plots like this the sheriff either cleans up the town and wins the girl, or gets run out of town. Or hanged.

Ah, So Japan Airlines Is Back At D/FW Airport
After a near 15-year absence, Japan Airlines will begin flying from Tokyo to D/FW International Airport later this year. The Japanese airline stopped flights to D/FW after the 9-11 terrorist hijackings. Welcome back. And sorry about the headline.

Arlington Giving High-Dose Flu Shots To Seniors
The Arlington Health Department is offering free high-dose flu shots to Arlington residents over the age of 64. The shots will available from 10 to noon on September 17 at the Arlington Senior Center. Yes, that’s more than two weeks away. Some seniors like to plan ahead. Got a problem with that, sonny?

WR_FW_300x250_Cold-Drinks 1

Has The Fat Lady Samsung?
People sometimes think, “Man, if I had studied electronics and technology I could have been designing TVs and smart phones and making Bill Gates-type money.” Or you could watch $44 billion of your market value fizzle on Wall Street since April as Samsung has done. Doesn’t anybody out there like Galaxy phones?

Dallas Claims Highest Paid Quarterback
It’s hard to believe that Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning can get by on annual income of about $160 million from salary and endorsements. He’s practically a vagrant compared to former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach. The Dallas real estate king is worth about $600 million. So stop trying to learn how to make smart phones and learn how to throw a football, win a Super Bowl, become beloved, and sell real estate.


  1. Gosh Jeff, how nice of you and the S-T to mention FWISD. Shame that you reported what Dr. Scribner said so sarcastically. Once upon a time you reported on problems in the district so you should know that if he does what he says he will do, it will change the fabric of the district. The hopes of a lot of teachers rest on whether he’s sincere or not. You could help him by reporting how bad things have been and still are. All the waste of desperately needed funds on unnecessary litigation, the bullying, the nepotism and the rest. The Weekly use to report on the district’s problems letting the public know important information but you haven’t for months now. That’s incredibly sad that you have passed up so many opportunities to make a difference. It’s not to late if you’d just do the right thing.

    • Well….what do you say Jeff? Who is on first? Every adult in Fort Worth knows that what fed-up states is true, what gives? Why don’t you get Stouty off welfare and put him to work. Seriously…. he’s a hammer-head Bagger but clearly he’s smart as a whip, get some cheaper help to work with him to keep him honest and you’ll hit a home run. This is a big deal for Fort Worth, what will it take for you to do the decent, honorable thing?

  2. Jeff, I have to apologize. I didn’t mean to stump when I asked you to write about the FWISD. I guess that it’s beyond your and the Weekly’s ability to report on corruption and gross mismanagement in the district anymore.

    • You haven’t stumped me. You want more FWISD coverage. I understand it every time you write the same comment at the bottom of stories and blog posts. FW Weekly has reported on every school topic mentioned in your comment. We will continue to report on school issues in the future, although obviously not with the frequency that you demand.

  3. Thank you Jeff for replying and yes the Weekly has reported on these issues but it has been months since you have reported anything substantive. If you want to report on the district, what’s stopping you? We know why the S-T doesn’t but I can’t understand why the Weekly stopped. You didn’t even write anything about the last hearing on Joe’s lawsuit? As you point out I have said these same things before and will probably say them again unless you start reporting on the district as you have said you want to. That’s not a threat. I simply want to see the Weekly do the good work again that I have seen you do in the past.