Andy Pickett. Photo by Vishal Malhotra.

1) Hey remember when Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires came to Live Oak Lounge and got into with sound guy Cal Quinn and former owner Bill Smith over the volume of his guitar amp? That was almost two years ago to the day! It’s kind of funny to think that this was huge news around here, but here’s a link to the blotch post I wrote about the incident in case you want to relive whatever position you took on it. Obviously, he and his band are not playing at Live Oak again; instead, Three Links in Deep Ellum has the honor of hosting the show tonight (tonight being Thursday), which is fired up with glorious local acts: War Party is direct support, with self-described “party blues” band the 1969s in second position and either Dead Mockingbirds or garage rockers The Thyroids batting first – it looks like there was some kind of shuffling around putting this bill together, but either of those two plus War Party and the headliner should fulfil more than enough of the FDA recommended daily amount of rock ’n roll. Doors are at 7:30, so figure the bands start an hour later. Also, LB3ATGF has a song called “Dare to Defend Our Rights,” so maybe that’s why he got so bent out of shape when he played Fort Worth:

2) Another thing you can do on Thursday night: go to 1912 Club on Hemphill for its first comedy night. Local comedy collective Shut Up and Prance (who put on those Wondercrust Movie Watchers Club nights at the Grotto) has a show headlined by Josh Johnson, featuring Brian Breckenridge, DDT (aka #thecomedybroad from Dallas, whose jokes are toxic to spiders), Jeremy Schmidt, and Sam Dobbin. I’d like to point out that this is not an open mic night, and that these peeps have been sweating in the joke trenches long enough to merit their own shows, and it’s also exciting to see local comedians act like bands, so this would be a good event to support. As always, 1912 Club is cash only, and cover is $5. Check out DDT doing a set at Hyena’s from last summer:


3) You like complimentary beer, right? Collective Brewing Company is teaming up with Dreamy Life Records and Music (on Allen, west of 5th, in the Fairmount Community Library) for the used/local music emporium’s inaugural happy hour, starting at 4pm. Also starting at 4? Andy Pickett, who will be providing the soundtrack to your record browsing (and buying some of it HINT HINT SUPPORT LOCAL THINGS, YOU GUYS) and free beer drinking. Other than performing while he’s checking IDs at the Chat Room, I can’t really think of a better place to hear Andy’s sardonic piano ruminations than a small record store with free beer at happy hour. It almost seems cinematic to me.

4) Aw dang. Blank-Men are playing their LAST SHOW EVER on Friday night, at Denton DIY chill zone Macaroni Island (2311 Houston Place). If the Facebook invite is a reliable source (and when are they ever not?) Macaroni Island’s time as a venue is about to draw to a close with a sold-out show on November 14, so Friday night’s show is likely to be packed given that “lasts” are occasions generally not to be missed. But also, why not go see The Blank-Men anyway? Maybe the dissolution of this band will inspire your friends and you to play faster and angrier, add some creepy synths, maybe some rainsticks –  you’re only limited by your imagination! Having said all that, it’ll be difficult for a band to pick up where they left off. Also on this show: a band called Collick and another band called Kallohonka, whose videos depict them playing at something called Terror Vault Fest; there’s also some creepy looking photos of them playing at Rubber Gloves, so you should just examine their Facebook page regardless. Their sound is metal; sorta thrashy and definitely heavy with grindy, overdriven bass. They’re definitely the kind of band you’d want to see in a DIY space, because the clips I heard made me think of a monsters who frequent some really grimy bar because the bar’s toilet (which is the world’s most wretchedly filthy toilet, btw) is basically right above their lair in the sewer. That’s how toilets work, right? And now, here’s a probs-not NSFW highlight reel of 1991’s Ghoulies 3: Ghoulies Go to College:

5) The Supersuckers’ Eddie Spaghetti has cancer, and there is a benefit for him at the Double Wide in Dallas on Saturday night, starring Dallas punk ’n rollers The Lash Outs and our own The Dangits. It’s a night of hard rock in support of a kinda legendary hard rocker – Eddie Spaghetti is something of a patron saint in certain circles around here, and the show will be fun anyway. Give The Lash Outs’ old album a listen right here (because their new one isn’t out yet). This is a pretty tight video for the Dangits’ “Whatever Gets You High”: 

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