Last Saturday, Debra “Debi” Weir, the executive director of the Texas Girl’s Choir, died in an automobile accident at the age of 63.

Weir entered the girls choir program as a child in the early ’60s under then-director Shirley Carter. After Carter’s passing in 2002, Weir began leading the 53-year-old nonprofit.

“She has left a void that no one can fill,” rehearsal assistant Tami Owsley said.


Owsley asked Fort Worth Weekly to share a remembrance from a Texas Girl’s Choir mother and volunteer, Jaime Mommens.

“In this time of sorrow, we would like to take a moment to remember Ms. Debi Weir,” she said. “Just as Ms. Shirley Carter was the founder of the Texas Girls’ Choir, it has been said that Debi was the backbone of our existence.

“Some will remember her meticulous attention to detail and her strong personality.  Her standards for herself, her staff, and her girls were extremely high. These traits were highly respected because they allowed her to keep 200 girls actively engaged, in control, and performing at their best. These qualities are what made traveling with the choir run so smoothly.  It is also what helped moms trust that their baby girl would return home safe and sound. Moms knew Debi would “take a bullet” for their daughter if necessary.

In a recent Fort Worth Weekly article, Debi was speaking about the passing of Shirley Carter and said, ‘We thought if we could make it five years, we would do her justice.  Now it has been 13 years later, I think she would be very proud of what we’ve done.’

The board of directors is extremely proud of how Debi contributed to the success of the past 13 years. Just as Debi continued after the passing of Shirley Carter, we will also press forward with the same strength and vigor as Ms. Debi.

Debi was a tremendous asset to our organization.  Her love and dedication will be truly missed.

But maybe someday, if we’re lucky, our paths will cross again. Until that day I say farewell, my friend.”

Owsley said that in lieu of a funeral service, Weir had previously requested a potluck event where friends and family can gather and “talk about the good times they had with her.”

The event will be held at 5:30pm on Monday, Dec. 21 at the Girls Choir home (4449 Camp Bowie Blvd).

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