Kyle Kinane

1) I got on the Kyle Kinane train fairly recently, and as a single white male in his late 30s, I can’t think of another comedian who more accurately speaks to my experience. Certainly, he’s got the jokes about getting shiftfaced and eating 7-11 taquitos that just about every similarly aged slob can get behind, but the ones that really get to me are his observations about the ways you deal with social anxiety at age 38 or whatever versus the tactics employed when you were a lot younger. You can catch Kinane at Amphibian Stage Productions (120 S. Main, 817-923-3012) on Tuesday night at 8pm and 10pm (both are separate shows) for the totally reasonable GA admission price of $22 each. Click here for tickets; this is a good sampler of bits like “Drinking in the Shower”:

2) Collective Brewing Project (112 St. Louis, 817-708-2914) is hosting another vinyl night curated by Dreamy Life Records and Music bros Jim Vallee and Robby Rux on Wednesday from 7-9pm. These dudes are pretty encyclopedic when it comes to music, but there’s always something nobody else has heard of that you might know about, and they’ll spin it if you bring it. Better still, if you bring a record for them to play, you’ll get a $1 off your first beer. Just be sure it fits the theme (which is hip hop, so don’t get all huffy when they say “sorry, maybe another time” because you brought some Brian Eno album), and don’t stand in front of them scrolling through your phone for a song and then  ask if they have an AUX cable you can plug in, because that’s thoroughly annoying. If you have this Quasimoto record, tho, you should definitely bring it:


3) I wish Friday night’s show at RBC in Dallas (2617 Commerce) was happening in Fort Worth, because it features three Dallas bands and one Denton band, all of who are arguably popular in this neck of the woods, and people here still act like driving to Dallas is tantamount to an Antarctic expedition. I feel like I’ve spoken that sentence in real life in the recent past as a response to yet another person bein’ all, “Ugh… Dallas is so far!” or some such. I get that it’s not so much the drive there as the drive back, but I dunno, maybe drink less? There’s that IHOP on Cockerell Hill Rd. that’s a good place to sober up if you realize you shouldn’t be driving all the way home. It’s your Friday, though, so do whatever you want, I guess. Regardless of how you or I or anyone else choose to spend our upcoming Friday, the people of Sealion, Party Static, Dead Mockingbirds, and Pearl Earl will be spending theirs playing in their respective bands at the aforementioned venue. All four are among the top acts of their respective cities’ scenes, and they each have a discernible legacy of punk rock in their sounds, though you might gauge from a general affinity for reverb that all those bands love Dick Dale, too, though Pearl Earl’s most obvious forebear is probably the Go-Gos or the B-52s. This is a new Pearl Earl video, directed by local videographer and visual artist Sara Mosier. 

4) There’s a mini-festival at Lola’s happening this Saturday, and no, it is does not feature a bunch of classic rock covers. Instead, the Women for Women Rock Showcase has a full evening (the event starts at 5pm) of female-fronted and/or crewed music groups across multiple genres on Lola’s main stage, plus acoustic and spoken word performances outside. Proceeds will benefit Opening Doors, a local non-profit organization that seeks to “enhance self-esteem, build confidence, empower women and help them realize that when ‘one door closes, another one opens.’ ” Sudie, the one-woman electronic pop artist from Dallas headlines, with a host of talented women preceding her (Feletha Black, Lindsay Hightower, and Ginny Mac are names you are likely familiar with, as well as Bonnie Whitmore, Deanna Valone, and the Southpaw Preachers ). The acoustic/spoken word stage highlights MZ Bossy/Queen Trillion, as well as veteran poet Tammy Gomez, a sets of pianists/songwriters Katie Robertson and Poppy Xander, as well as acoustic sets by Jenna Clark, Alexandria Rhea, and Jordan Franz. Cover is a mere $8.

5) I don’t know if Lola’s rock and roll rummage sale will have any live music, but you will certainly see live musicians milling around. From 1-6pm on Sunday, the rock venue will be home to vendors flogging instruments, pedals, DJ gear, audio equipment, posters, rock t-shirts, records, tapes, CDs – pretty much anything music- or art-related, or at least the kind of stuff you’d find in the house of people who are into that sort of thing. The monthly event is a great opportunity to pick up an amp someone is trying to unload, and there are always a cool knickknack for sale that might make that one person you know have a really great day if you snagged it for him or her.