Looks like the labor negotiations for Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra‘s musicians have taken a turn for the worse. The Dallas/Fort Worth Professional Musicians Union is reporting that following last week’s sit-in protest by the musicians at the FWSO offices, the management has blocked the musicians’ keycard access to Bass Hall. In response, the union has filed a grievance with the National Labor Relations Board, charging unfair labor practices. “We believe this unilateral change in working conditions is illegal and was intended to punish us for exercising our legally-protected rights,” said the press release.

FWSO did not respond to our request for a comment on the situation. We will update this post if and when they do. After the sit-in, FWSO president Amy Adkins was quoted as saying that “we have been bargaining in good faith and will continue to do so.” Whether this is a retaliatory measure or not, keeping the musicians from their equipment and personal items seems like a strange way of showing good faith.


  1. How is it that conducting a sit-in protest at management offices is a fair labor practice but blocking keycard access is not?

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