I’ve closed down my share of beer joints at 2 a.m. and left smelling like the ashtray that Keith Richards keeps beside his toilet. Drankin’ and a’ smokin’ and a’ dayncin’ all seem to go hand in hand in a roadhouse.

But that isn’t stopping Billy Bob’s Texas, the largest honkytonk on this spinning ball we call home, from banning smoking.

As a cigarette smoker, I appreciate being able to get my nicotine fix while enjoying a cold beer inside a cool bar. Something I appreciate even more — a respect for property rights.


Fort Worth isn’t making Billy Bob’s Texas snuff its smokers like they do in Dallas and Austin. Bar management chose to ban smoking based on customer feedback. Only a bar owner should be able to ban smoking in their own establishments.

Power to Billy Bob’s, democracy, Fort Worth, property rights, apple frickin’ pie, and Hump Day.