1) Like shoegaze, post-punk, and bands that cite shoegaze and post-punk as influences? Then Lola’s Wednesday night show is right up your alley. Tame Tame and Quiet headline, with Opposite Day from ATX in the middle slot, Slumberbuzz preceding, and Bulls leading off. Funny thing I just noticed while revising the previous sentence: writing “Austin’s Opposite Day” makes the band sounds as if could be either some silly city-wide event, a children’s book about someone named Austin, or a ska punk band. Moreover, even if you write “Austin’s Opposite Day” and it’s clear that they are a regular-type band and not any of those other things, the reader might be led to believe that there is a different band called Opposite Day from another city, probably Minneapolis, but more likely Sacramento or somewhere near San Diego. Words are weird, right? And now, all I can think about is a children’s book called Steve Austin’s Opposite Day. Is it about the wrestler or the bionic man? Doors to the show are at 7, and the bands start at 8pm. Opposite Day isn’t actually that shoegazey; they appear to be a proggy, brainy band. This song is called “Drake Equation”; try not to lose your mind, Rene Floyd:

2) Speaking of writing and words, is anyone else ready to throw a bucket of water or campground dirt on “fire?” Here’s why I thought this: Live Oak has a great bill tonight, featuring VVOES, LOAFERS, and headlining act 50 Cent Lone Stars. 50 Cent Lone Stars aren’t actually a band; they’re a promotion, and holy shit is that a steal. But both bands, in my opinion, are worth your while anyway. They push all the right buttons in terms of “contempo” sounds (i.e. what’s been popular the past five years or so – dream pop in the case of VVOES, garage punk for LOAFERS), but they also have plenty of original ideas, thereby transcending any notions of a certain sound being “played out.” Long ago, people thought thrash metal was “played out,” and then those same people flipped the bird at Metallica for making the black album. You can’t have it both ways, folks! But never mind that, because regardless of critical analyses and trend observations, VVOES and LOAFERS (Dallas by way of Waco) are fun to watch and make good music. In fact, when I saw this bill, I thought “these are two resoundingly enjoyable bands whose respective sounds complement each other, and they’re paired with an arguably unbeatable drink special.” I started to type, “The Live Oak Lounge’s Wednesday night bill is fire af,” but stopped because in real life, I don’t think I’ve ever said “fire” to describe something I’m stoked about and certainly not sincerely. That phrase would’ve save me a few sentences, but typing it makes me feel old. Y’all use it; it’s just not for me. This LOAFERS song is dope, and so is the video, filmed at Cloudland Recording Studio:


3) Had enough of my stoner windbaggery? Here’s a shorter listing: Wondercrust Movie Watcher’s Club, Thursday night at the Grotto. In this edition, the comedy crew/B-movie commentators are blasting hilarious holes in the 1985 post-apocalyptic sci-fi shit pile Def-Con 4, a movie whose VHS cover will forever fascinate my memory. The trailer for the movie is below, and after the movie, ROAR SHACK and Dead Vinyl will provide complimentary live rock and roll. No cover.

4) If you’re my age, Lola’s Trailer Park’s Friday evening show will make you feel like you’re 23 again, because it features Dallas-based tribute acts Different Strokes (The Strokes) and NR/CD (Tenacious D). When I was 23, I didn’t have any credit card debt! Too bad it won’t make me feel like that, lol! I don’t know if Different Strokes plays anything from their 2011 album Angles, but that’s my favorite one after Is This It. I’m gonna listen to Angles right now! This video should bring back some old memories:

5) Saturday night, the Sunshine Bar has Panic Volcanic, Dead Vinyl, and Doom Ghost. The cover is $5 and it all goes to the bands, so gather your change, turn it into paper money (US dollars), and party in Arlingfun with your friends. When was the last time Doom Ghost played? To me, it feels like it’s been awhile. They play first at 10pm. Here they are from four years and who knows how many lineups ago:

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