Phantom Sensation was one of several North Texas bands to record an anti-establishment tune at Cloudland.

Anytime now, rockers. Anytime. Anytime now, rappers, too. And I would say, “Anytime, country stars,” but I think that for what I’m about to talk about — the unmentionable-by-name 45 — we already know where their allegiances lie (smack dab in the middle of the heartland). What we’re waiting for is some musical pushback. Pushback against a dimestore despot whose ego and disrespect for our country are so gargantuan that he can’t even take responsibility for a botched military operation that resulted in the death of a Navy SEAL, William “Ryan” Owens (and that accounted for “no significant intelligence,” according to U.S. officials). Pushback against a monster who was sued by the federal government for refusing to rent any of his apartments to African-Americans and who bragged about grabbing women “by the pussy,” among other affronts to lawful, civil, non-insane behavior. Pushback against a wannabe dictator whose attempts at rolling back the clock only underline his desperation to keep rich, old white guys like him in power. #notgettinganyyounger #whatcanbrowndoforyou?

Not that I listen to the radio constantly, but I listen to enough to know that if now’s not the time for the next Rage Against the Machine –– or the next Pete Seeger or Public Enemy –– then there never will be another. Are any musicians pissed about this clown? Pissed enough to do more than fire off angry tweets? Pissed enough to put their rage into song? Some Fort Worth cats are. #representin’

It was all, basically, Kurt Ballou’s idea. The owner/operator of GodCity Studio near Boston, Mass. (Converge, Isis, Young Widows, Dillinger Escape Plan), recently posted on social media that he was going to offer a free day of recording to bands/artists with anti-establishment songs. Britt Robisheaux, a professional friend and Fort Worth producer/musician, immediately ran with the idea.

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“Since I knew how wide-reaching [Ballou’s] influence was and that most bands weren’t gonna fly to Boston to record, I offered to record anyone that was physically closer to my studio,” that being Cloudland Recording Studio in South East Fort Worth. “We both shared each other’s posts about it on social media and quickly booked up all the slots we had.”

On Feb 10 at Cloudland, Robisheaux recorded Phantom Sensation, Sur Duda, Drawer Devils, and Teenage Sex, while Robby Rux, cofounder of local label Dreamy Life Records, recorded Antirad.

“All of these bands had anti-Trump songs ready when I put out the call [on social media] for such a thing,” Robisheaux said. “None of [the songs] had been recorded yet because I think we are all still sorting out our feelings about the current state of affairs.”

The songs haven’t been released yet. Robisheaux and the musicians are kicking around the idea of releasing the tracks as part of a benefit compilation. In case any prospective beneficiaries are needed, may I suggest the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the National Immigration Law Center, The Trevor Project –– and that’s just off the top of my head.

Robisheaux said he’d like to do another free day soon to help “more people get their songs down.”

“Everything thus far,” he continued, “is really great and really inspired. None of it sounds thrown together. I definitely feel that the current administration is bringing people together in an unintentional way. I think people are finally realizing how important it is to be active in choosing the people that represent us. There’s absolutely a class struggle, and we need everything we’ve got to fight back.”

Including music. Including rage. Go.