Dave Bliss in Disgraced: Just trying to sell more books?

Last week, a documentary about scandal at Baylor University premiered on the Showtime network that has nothing to do with football or sexual assault charges.

Instead, Pat Kondelis’ Disgraced zeroes in on the 2003 Baylor basketball fiasco, examining NCAA violations, player threats, and a murder. Released to coincide with the Final Four and NCAA National Championship basketball games, the film brings special attention to well-known college basketball coach Dave Bliss, who tendered his resignation at Southwest Christian University four days after national audiences became privy to new information on a closed case.

The stage is set with the arrival of coach Bliss, who took over a Baylor men’s basketball program that was practically invisible in the competitive Big 12 Conference. Bliss is described as a coach who will do anything to win and a marketing genius by colleagues and former players. Case in point: Patrick Dennehy. A junior who Bliss lured from the University of New Mexico, he agreed to join the program for an athletic scholarship and a Chevrolet Tahoe, the latter compliments of the coach’s personal bank account. 

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