CHAREAN WILLIAMS (photo courtesy of social media)

Recently laid-off sportswriter Charean Williams has jumped off a sinking ship –– the Fort Worth Star-Telegram –– and into a tar pit –– PFT, whatever the hell that is.

Turns out, PFT is Pro Football Talk, an NBC Sports radio show and website.

NBC is a respectable joint and all but PFT’s audience appears to be a small, tough crowd.

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Williams begins her new gig on Monday, June 5.

Star-Telegram readers know her well. She has been informing North Texans on all things Dallas Cowboys for the past 17 years. She was also first female president of the Pro Football Writers of America and has covered 23 Super Bowls and seven Olympic Games since graduating from Texas A&M University in 1986.

Williams is a bad-ass with tons of institutional knowledge, so naturally the Startlegram felt compelled to get rid of her.

PFT was practically soiling itself when announcing the hiring.

“After weeks of careful thought and deliberation regarding the right process for filling a lingering vacancy, a recent staffing decision made by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram brought all thought and deliberation to an immediate end. The moment Charean Williams became available was the moment we knew we had our next hire,” PFT announced on its site yesterday.

Based on the comments at the bottom of the story, PFT fans can best be described as, uh, not shy.

Allow me to present to you the …

Top 10 Comments On The Charean Williams Hiring Story

10. “Welcome aboard Charean. A quick primer on how things operate around here: Tebow equal bad, Kaepernick equal good.”

9. “And now comes the part where I invite you to give her a proper PFT welcome in the comments, which inevitably will include insults hurled at her, me, and/or anyone and everyone, living or deceased.”

8. “Welcome, hopefully you will bring some credibility to this site.”

7. “I have to admit she sounds over qualified for us.”

6. “I feel bad for her. With her qualifications I would have thought that she would have been offered a better gig than PFT.”

5. “Charean seems to be way overqualified for this job. The next opening there is for a beat writer for an NFL team at a major newspaper, she’s gone.”

4. “This is quite the fall from grace for her.”

3. “This move immediately elevates the joint. Too bad the laws of regression will pull us right back in….”

2. “Hope you have your daily Kaepernick/liberal posts ready to go. Otherwise, you’ll be a short-timer.”

1. “What’s with the photo of Phil Simms?”