As much as I like Boo-Ray’s of New Orleans and can fondly recall several decent-to-good meals at Razzoo’s (the downtown location, chiefly), I have to say that while the shrimp po-boy at Twilite Lounge may or may not pass as “authentic,” it sure is yummy. Served on a massive roll of French bread with thick-cut fries, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and mayonnaise, the sammy was bursting with perfectly grilled, delectably blackened “scrimps” and was enough to feed two normally sized linebackers. Any “authentic” New Orleansian who turns up his nose at this mouthwatering delight deserves to have his taste buds numbed for an entire week.

The downside: It was $11, and 11 bucks is a lot for a sandwich, no matter how gargantuan. Also, there’s only one po-boy option for our vegetarian friends, and it stars French fries and American cheese. With fried green tomatoes appearing in other parts of the menu, Fort Worth’s only recourse is to demand a fried-green-tomato po-boy. With fries. And cheese. Essentially, not acknowledging a sizable portion of potential customers not only in the Near Southside where Twilite sits but in the entire city of Fort Worth isn’t charming, old school, or Old World-inspired. It’s downright un-American. My poor vegetarian wife could only stare longingly at my fry droppings as I stuffed my fat freaking face. 

The kitchen is open ’til 2am daily.