Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom, 8933 N Fwy Service Rd E, FW. 11am-2am daily. 817-847-7170. All major credit cards accepted.

Big props to Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom for a couple reasons. One, the free drinks. Two, the comped meal.

It wasn’t for my wife and me. (Too bad.) It was for an “adorable” (my wife’s words) family of four: husband and wife and two little kids, neither older than 10. The recent Sunday afternoon of our visit also happened to be draft day for at least 200 fantasy football leagues. There were dudes in NFL jerseys hunched over laptops just about everywhere you looked. My wife and I sat at the bar, across the way from some idiot in an FNN/“Fake News Network” t-shirt. The family was behind us.

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