1) Hot off his CD release party, local bluegrass/roots musician Tennessee Dixon will be plying his trade along with his buddy, Americana songwriter Levi Ray at Off the Record (715 W Magnolia) tonight (Wednesday). They’ll be swapping sets between 9pm and 1am, and there’s no cover. Show is 21+, and you can also browse records – if you’re looking for locals, they have slabs from Ansley, Royal Sons, and D. Anson Brody for sale. What follows is a seven-year-old video of Levi Ray—lookit that baby beard he has!


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2) MASS’s (1002 S Main) Thursday night bill is interesting: Denton prog rock duo The Last Great American Rock Band headlines, with ear-collapsers C.I., ambient dub experimentalists Tidals, and stoneriffic, psychedelic heavies Bathylite in the preceding slots. Show is 18+, doors are at 8, music’s at 9, cover is $7. Been letting these TLGARB songs roll while I type this, and I gotta say, I DIG! Very Denton-y, what with all the manual dexterity and brainy arrangements, but it’s high time we stopped treating that like it’s a bad thing and appreciate musicianship for what it really is: hard fucking work and lots and lots of practice. Here’s one of their videos:


3) If you’re getting out of the house on Thursday, you could also pop over to Twilite Lounge (212 Lipscomb) for the second installment of Ansley’s November residency. 21+, free, starts at 9p.

4) Oh dang, here’s another cool bill at MASS – Friday night’s show will appeal to goth-identifiers, headlined by noir-ish, Echo and the Bunnymen-esque psych rock four-piece The Fibs, with All Clean’s paranoid-assassin-droid rock in the 11pm spot, and OKC-based, one-man industrial destruction force Black Magnet opening the show at 10. Show is 18+, starts at 9pm (doors are at 8), and costs $7 to attend. Black Magnet sounds like if a T-1000 were out to get you with its arms twisted in the shapes of liquid metal serpents. Watch this video and you’ll see what I mean:


5) Lola’s (2736 6th St) Saturday night show has something for everyone: eclectic alt-rockers Henry the Archer are in the headlining slot, San Antonio’s the Holy Knives fill the middle slot with their sultry desert dream rock, and the synth-centric dance pop of Svenny Baby! opens the show. 18+, doors at 8, music starts at 9, cover is $10, this is a Holy Knives video: