When Crow isn't sipping champagne at Neiman Marcus, he's out filming $1 million sports cars.

When videographer Austin Crow told me that his latest shoot involved filming a Lamborghini Huracán Performante, I knew I had to step up my interview game. As we chatted at Neiman Marcus’ cafe over beer and champagne, Crow told me about his first experience cruising in an exotic sports car.

“That was kinda random,” he said. “I was shooting a video for a guitar player. We were talking about cars. He said, ‘I’m going to pick up a Lamborghini’ later.  He took me for a ride that gave me a new appreciation for speed.”

This Lamborghini Huracán Performante gave Crow a new “appreciation for speed.” Photo by Crow.

That collaboration may turn into a YouTube channel that reviews supercars. If there’s one trait that has served Crow well at this early juncture in his career, it’s being open minded. Crow started filming in middle and high school. When most of his childhood friends went off to college, Crow took a year-and-a-half hiatus to pursue acting in Los Angeles. He has a speaking role in the teen sitcom iCarly to show for his time. When acting didn’t pan out, he studied and finished a degree in film at the University of North Texas. That led to his current job as marketing director for the nonprofit MANNA Worldwide.

Modern Lights

Crow credits his video of the Blackhouse/Art Tooth biannual pArty bus two year ago with launching his current freelance career. While technology has made videography and filmmaking as accessible as ever, Crow brings skills that come from countless hours of filming in difficult environments overseas.

Image from Panama. Photo by Crow.

“The majority of my [shoots for MANNA] were out of the country,” he said. “I was a run-and-gun filmmaker. Whatever I filmed with was what I could fit in my backpack. That taught me to get as much as I can with as little as I have in as short amount of time as possible. Then, I have to find a creative way to piece it all together. According to film school thought, that’s kind of backward. We were taught: plan, plan, plan. With documentary and live action stuff, you plan as much as you can, but you have to be ready to catch things.”

Crow has an affinity for editing, something he calls an underappreciated art form. Last summer, Crow shot four Chef Stories for Visit Fort Worth. The videos were recently showcased at Visit Fort Worth’s annual breakfast and meeting. As Crow’s reputation grows, so does his confidence. His weekends are often booked, but he’ll always make time for Blackhouse events and shoots that involve high-end sports cars.

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